Sunday, October 21, 2012

Delft, Chic or Kitsch ?

Yesterday was sunny and bright in Delft.
The images speak by themselves.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Sunday

Hubby is away with friends in Gent... It is just me and the kids.
Thus the usual Sunday mornings of kids & hubby's croissants was transferred to my responsibility.

Actually, I completely transferred the task to the kids - except pre heating the oven.
Next time they will do it as well.

They do it quite correctly, with care.
After 15 - 20 minutes in the oven at 180C, voilà the perfect ham-cheese croissants ! They are airy, golden and the kids even sprinkled some oregano (don't ask me why) on the filling before rolling them up.
I have already started instructing my favourite chef how to prepare a good cappu for mama.
And in the evening my neighbours next door invited us for dinner: stamppot.

They are leaving in a couple of days to backpack in Indonesia & Bali and we will take care of their cats.  And give water to the plants and keep an eye in their cars and house, of course. I hope her orchids will not die while they are away !! Her orchids are really serious stuff.

I was raised in a house with several pets - who were kept outside the house.   Rabbits, dogs, parkeets, a turtle. I think unconceivable the idea of bringing a dog or a cat to your home, but that how it goes in Europe. At least my neighbour's cats are kept in their garage only and I will not have to chase them in the bedrooms daily in order to bring them food. :)

I brought the dessert. I had prepared it a couple of hours before.
It took me five minutes to prepare it. FIVE MINUTES !!
A can of peaches, crème fraîche, vanilla, honey and almonds essence.
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