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Monday, June 23, 2014

FACTOR 12 and the Brazilian Police Band

Just a quick post: the Brazilian Police band From Porto Alegre invites the Dutch band Factor 12 to play "Aquarela do Brasil". Nice !

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Comercial Cerveja Bavaria (Holandress) from Bruna Alvin on Vimeo.

Pedro Lourenço is a Brazilian Stylist and Luisa Moraes a Brazilian actress.

Check also:

And how to wear it here :

Orange is The New Black

Salvador, Brasil. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

World Cup in Brazil

With mixed feelings I have been reading and following the preparations for the World Cup. Some groups started on social media a "Não Vai ter Copa" (The World Cup is not going to happen) movement. Which I think is silly. If the nation was against the Cup (=money wasted on stadia instead of public services, roads, hospitals, education and so forth) they should have protested many years ago. Too late now folks. On the other side I think you have always a right to protest and fight for your rights.

"The Cup that divides Brasil", Época magazine cover. Brazilians are divided between the love for a tournament and the revolt against corruption and the lack of public services. "Enough is enough": many violent protests and strikes ("greve") swept the country last year. The last (?) one (a 5-day strike organized by metro workers in São Paulo) ended a couple of days ago.

And here is how Swiss cartoonist Patrick Chappatte sees the street protests and the World Cup opening in Brasil.

"Gringo Invasion": Isto É magazine preferred to give enphasis on the arrival of tourists in Brazil. Check also this funny article on The Wahington Post. It brings a lot into perspective.
By the way... No offenses here with the word "gringo" - it actually can be a nice way of calling foreigners. If you doubt me then you should research the blogs listed on the right side down. American blog writers have already discussed it.
And yes, the Dutch team and its supporter are having a great time in Rio.

Why do they have to wear a t-shirt even in water ? Maybe it is a sponsor's requirement thing. Maybe it is just horrible when you have to play in a World Cup with a sunburn. But hey, it is supposed to be winter in Brazil now ! (But hey, winter in Brazil is sunnier than the Dutch summer. Oh well.)  
All photos from jornal O Globo

Many soccer players are posting selfies on Instagram. 
Here a collective selfie from les Belges. 

Meanwhile, in Porto Seguro the streets have been decorated to welcome the Swiss team.
(photo above: Peter Klaunzer/EFE via Época magazine.)

Below, some street art and grafitti in Rio.
(All photos above from jornal O Globo.)

You can check more photos via Google street view.

And while we are talking about grafitti, design duo Os Gêmeos were responsible for painting the official airplane for the Brazilian team. Ten shousands of spray cans were employed. The result is wonderful. 

The Germans seem to be having a good time. 
They decided to be in resort in Bahia, in the middle of nowhere. 
Photo: Markus Gillar/AP
Photo: Instagram

Christ the Redemeer is offering a show of lights these days. Not only in yellow and green, but all the other flag colors.

Meanwhile, in Australia...

In Korea...

In Hong Kong...

Back to Brazil...
Photo: Eduardo Verdugo/AP

Now, I bit of the fashion world. Fashion stylist Edson Eddel created this series of World Cup inspired bride dresses. Mr. Eddel has a well stablished business in Curitiba, Southern Brasil. Each one of the special edition World Cup bride dresses start at 18,000 BRL - or circa 8,000 USD.  That's for "avant gardist brides and women full of personality, who dare to be different" in his words. Gee, I hope the groom does not show up in the church dressed as a soccer player. But then I do not understand fashion.  (photo via Época magazine)

And the Washington Post considered the Versace t-shirt "The worst world cup souvenir of all time". Read the full story HERE. Again, I don't understand fashion. This t-shirt seems to me the perfect choice to be worn during a World Cup. In Brazil. An event The Wall Street Journal best described to its readers as "a fervent, tribal, maniacal event, one month of worldwide obsession - held every four years." Very neatly explained to the American readers. Read the whole story HERE, excellent. Thus the t-shirt seems fervent, tribal and maniacal enough to me. But hey ! 690USD anyone ? For a t-shirt ?

Vogue Brasil had Giselle and Neymar on the cover, clicked by Mario Testino HERE.

 Gisele is of course on the covers of tens of Elle editions this month.
 Elle Germany (above & below)
 Elle Portugal (above) & Russia (below)

Franco Dragone, artistic director at Cirque du Soleil, will command the World Cup opening ceremony in Itaquerão stadium in São Paulo tomorrow 12th June. Coreographies with samba de roda, samba de carnaval, frevo, capoeira and gaucho dance style. A bit circus like.  An then Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leite will sing Ole Olá. The show will last less than 30 minutes and afterwards Brazil plays against Croatia. Vai Brasil !