Friday, June 22, 2012

Spring in the Old Centrum, Amsterdam

 While walking to work I have the pleasure of spotting the most beautiful area in Amsterdam: the ring of canals. (Well... the Old South area is also amazing. ) Some shops and restaurants and offices bring a bit of nature to the sidewalk. Like this gallery above...
 Simple, low manutention and efficient. I love absurdly heavy concrete pots !
The entrance door of an antique shop. The owner was just watering the street and bringing some medaillon chairs to outside.  I have been into this shop a couple of times and just love everything they have. The air is definitely fresher outside. It is probably tough to work  inside this place all the time, with no windows... :(

 This shop is in the 9 Streets area and during spring we are graced with pure perfection in white and pink.
Yes, these flowers are real and serious stuff - no plastic fantastic here !

A couple of weeks later... Blue !!!

Just a very quick post for now, no time for blogging - I am even selecting the button "comments off".
 Spring actually has been a bitch: or it rains or it is cold, ugh.
See you on the next post.