Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jurianne Matter (Paper Design from Holland)

Wishboats, an original idea for parties and a child's room...

Above: the wishboats print set.

Blom in sticks...

The package of a blom.
Mmmm.... paperdesign from Holland. Super delicate and eyecandy made by Jurianne Matter. Cards, lanterns, angels, boats and flowers.

Jurianne completed her studies at the Interior Styling School at Artemis Academy, in Amsterdam. She works as a freelance designer and product stylist. She designs her own paperwork and also patterns for other companies such as &Klevering Amsterdam. You can find her work in many shops and webshops in the Netherlands and abroad. Jurianne told me by e-mail that during her childhood she spent vacations with her parents in Scandinavia - and that area of the world still inspires her work.

Such Sing angels are perfect to decorate my girl's bedroom not only during Christmas but all year long !
A little tree
A miniature ode to nature.

All the photos on this entry were sent to me by Jurianne.
Below, a translation of a fragment from an e-mail she sent me:

Hello Ana,

(...) How funny your blog, The Netherlands through Brazilian eyes. It is nice to read what your impressions are ! I have a lot of visitors from Brazil and meanwhile I have discovered why: Brazilians are very good in papercraft ! A Brazilian friend of my got an old magazine, did "raf-raf" en made a pretty Christimas tree for me. She also can make beautiful and resistent baskets with folded newspaper sheets. I have at this moment a free-download piece on my blog and that is very much visited by people in Brazil. (...)

Jurianne, thanks for your openess, your kindness, all the photos and your e-mails !
I love your work !

In order to buy her work visit:
Her blog, where you can see more of her other design works, tips, trips and comments:

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Multi Functional Bike

Bilingual post (English - Portuguese)
Some pics cost me a lot of energy and time.

But on today's post this pic opportunity was just under my nose - or better saying, just next door.
I brought the trash to outside and BAM ! My neighbour is going to put his house on sale and decided to embelish his garden adding this bike with pots of flowers.

This is quite usual in villages in the Netherlands: expensive pots, vases, benches, chairs and little tables with granito top are placed in front of houses and nobody steals takes them away by mistake (a-hem!). So different from Amsterdam where such items have chains - otherwise... Let's say a strong wind may come and take them away...  

Algumas fotos cansam minha beleza. Exigem tempo, deslocamento, luz adequada... E ficam no meu computador esperando uma oportunidade. Em compensação outras fotos aparecem de mão beijada. Nesse post foi assim. Fui levar o lixo pra fora e PUM ! Vi que meu vizinho decidiu embelezar a frente da casa com essa bicicleta e potes de flores. Achei lindo. Ele vai colocar a casa a venda em breve, então já decidiu ir ajeitando as coisas, ir dando um tapa no visual.
Em muitas vilas da Holanda ha bastante coisa cara na frente das casas: mesinhas com tampo de granito, cadeiras de design diferenciado, potes lindos de morrer. Ninguém afana nada de ninguém. Em compensação em Amsterdam esses mesmos objetos tem correntes grossas de ferro conectando o móvel/objeto ao corrimão de entrada da casa ou a um cano. Caso contrario, né ? Bate uma brisa, o vento leva sem deixar rastro de fumaça, ninguém viu ninguém vê, se vocês me entendem...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheese With a Nuts Crust (Queijo com crosta de nozes)

(Bilingual post English / Portuguese).
Texto em portugues no final do post.

Today I tested an unusual recipe with cheese coated with nuts and quickly fried. It is then placed on a bed of green leaves and served as a meal salad. Very chic and very simple. I made some changes and you can make yours too. Keep reading...

This recipe is from the book "Alles over Kaas" (Everything about Cheese) ISBN 905964 123X, Image Books Factory BV. About 46 pages and lots of unusual recipes with cheese: a soup, a lasagne, a risotto, a souffle, a courgette bread, a strudel, a terrine...
The recipe says "nuts mix".
I used only cashew nuts and the result was pretty good.

I have used only ONE piece of brie of circa 200g - because I doubted my kids would eat it. I cut the cheese into 4 chunks. I guess you can also use camembert or even another type of cheese like Gouda or Edam. Here is the original recipe as it goes in the book:

4 pieces of brie (with or without a herbs lay) at 100g
4 table spoons of honey
2 table spoons of flour
150g unsalted nuts (mix)
2 beaten eggs
oil or butter

With your fingers, spread gently the honey on the pieces of cheese and coat them with the flour. Reserve. Crush the nuts - but not finely. Bathe the cheese pieces in the eggs and then the nuts. Repeat it again: in the eggs and then the nuts crumble. Press the nuts on the cheese a bit.
Warm the oil (or butter) and fry the pieces of cheese until it gets golden. Flip onto the other side and wait until it gets golden. Remove it from the pan and place on the top of a plate with (seasoned with a vinaigraitte) lettuce. Serve immediately. (serves 4)
Below: my series of photos "food porn" style.
E aí, sentiu o gostinho ? A receita original dizia "brie". Mas eu acho que dá tranqüilo para usar outro queijo francês com o "camembert", ou um holandês Gouda ou Edam. Ou mesmo uma boa fatia grossa de queijo prato aí no Brasil. Fica muito bom também.

Você faz assim: passe mel bem fininho com a ponta dos dedos em todos os lados do pedaço de queijo (um bom pedaço). Depois, passe na farinha de trigo, ovo batido, farofa de nozes, de novo no ovo batido e na farofa de nozes (eu useu apenas castanha de caju. Mas vc pode usar uma mistura de castanha do Para + castanha de caju + nozes comuns par afazer uma "farofa" de nozes). Aperte um pouco a mistura de nozes contra o queijo para deixar firme. Tenha sempre toalhas de papel de cozinha por perto, suas mãos ficam uma lambança. Depois é só fritar ligeiramente numa panelinha com óleo quente ou manteiga. Vire rapidamente e delicadamente do outro lado só para dourar, retire com escumadeira e deposite em papel absorvente. Sirva sobre uma salada verde, temperada com um pouquinho de azeite e vinagre. É fácil e muito refinado. Vai encarar ?