Friday, April 30, 2010

Queen''s Day [Orange Overdose]

Just like the celebration of Sinterklaas, Queen's Day is absolutely not my cup of tea. The last two years I have worked - as if it was just any other ordinary day. This year I decided to join the party and we spent the day in Amsterdam with another family. After parking in the Old South part of the city, we walked to the Vondelpark to check the kids activities. The whole park is on Queen's Day a free market (vrijmarkt). They kids are eager to sell their old junk, ask for some money in exchanging of showing their artistical abilities, tricks, etc.. No, my kids do not take part in that. Maybe in the future, when they are a bit older.
Golden fish race.

When the gate is open two of the fishes race to the arrival line. One fish (on the lane number three) decides to swim in circles and then he heads back.
Problem: number 1 and number 2 arrive at exactly the same time.

Living statues. They will move only in exchange for some cents.

More artists.Musicians...

In the repertoire: Love is in the Air, Rehab, New York New York...

Gezellig !
The beauticians. An amateur manicurist and her temporary client.
After leaving the Vondelpark we decided to have some drinks in Leidseplein and then later stroll along the canals. My son is fascinated about boats and couldn't understand why we were not in one of them - with food, drink and loud music on.

Caipirinha: spelled wrong and overpriced. Most restaurants sell food and drinks on the street on Queen's Day.
Typical hits from the Jordaan were being sung by energetic seniors: Het zwanenkoor.

The next pics: some Amsterdam scenes and orange overdose.

Next pics: Bea is omnipresent.

An then I have had enough of the royals for the rest of the year.
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