Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Marcel Wolterinck

 Marcel Wolterinck started his professional life as a florist. The guy is a such a hard worker with an incredible good taste he soon got the title of meester bloemist (master florist - the highest degree in his profession) . Then started to work for large events in American embassies and different projects in countries around the world. In 1986 he began working as a garden designer and nowadays he develops projects for interiors as well. His office Wolterinck's World is in the small city of Laren. 

Here below some of his projects. All pictures are from his site: http://www.wolterinck.com/
Very elegant, many dark tones, hotel like... very Dutch.

The façades are always a mix of classic and modern, always avoiding curves or organic shapes.

Modern and timeless.

Bathtubs with an organic shape. The only curves I find in his projects are in the bathrooms...

One or two pots with a big plant. Only one or two.

Simmetry. Black & White.
This is very sober kitchen with a masculine vibe, isn't it ? Very calvinistic.

Simple lines, not many accessories and a very restricted palette in whites, blacks and grays.
The guy is a minimalist. Stunning - but I prefer some frous frous and vintage stuff, ha !

Simplicity when carried to an extreme becomes elegance. 
(Jon Franklin)

During 25 years Marcel Wolterinck developed a career from florist to a very sought after designer of gardens interiors and exteriors. This book presents 25 large projects signed by him. Text in Dutch and English with summaries in French, German, Chinese and Russian.
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