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Founded in 1240 in a marshland area under the orders of Louis IX, Aigues-Mortes is a must see when you are in the Camargue region. With 11 "portes" and 6 towers, it is up to today a very pretty and well preserved city.
Me and my kids by the entrance Porte de Constance. The outside is also pretty, with low houses, canals and open air markets. But it is inside the walls that the tourists concentrate and where most restaurants and shops are. There were so many tourists that it became impossible for me to take pics or walk at a normal pace.

Such as this one. Very French interiors - I love THAT floor !
Look at the ceilings, look at those cabinets. Eyecandy - literally.

References to Jean Jaurès are everywhere. A man who history has largely ignored. He’s quite well known in France in some circles, but not widely known.
He predicted the First World War happening. He wanted the International Workers’ Movement to not comply with the royal families and aristocracy. Just a couple of months before the outbreak, when the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand took place in Serbia, Jaurès was assassinated in a French café.
Prior to World War One, he saw the aristocracies and the royal families of Europe pitting themselves against one another, in a big battle. He knew that France and Germany, the United Kingdom were all industrialized nations. He further realized that being industrialized, the next war will be an industrial war where millions of people might be killed.
He formed the International Workers’ Movement, and it’s got nothing to do with politics. His idea was for the ordinary person not to do anything, not to go to war, just stay at home and they wouldn’t have the war they wanted. The guy was a genius and a pacifist. Shot dead.
St Louis Square. Many "cariacaturistes" offer their works here. This square is surrounded by cafés and touristical restaurants, ice cream shops, shops selling leather articles, groceries etc..

I had these squids above and my husband preferred a local specialty: taureau à la sauce gardienne.
After visiting all the vintage shops I wanted to visit we decided to walk on the top of all the wall. I was exhausted but the kids loved it. The views are spectacular.
The following photos give an impression of the city outside the walls.

You leave the city by the Constance tour again. There is an excellent souvenir  souvenir shop with lots and lots of books about life during the Moyen Age, wooden toys, swordsm clothes and costumes for little princesses and knights, CD's with Middle Age melodies, cards, book markers, the typical local salt and herbs. Enfin : everything expected to be found in such a shop can be found here.

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