Monday, October 1, 2012

Sète, France

Continuing my trip on the Languedoc, before  spending the night in Montpellier we visited Sète. It is also known as the "Venice of the Languedoc" or "the singular island" - and that is true.  It is very peculiar, lively and authentic. Many squares, beaches, quays and canals.

We have parked outside the city center, just before the fortress (below).

Sète is busy, boats everywhere, people everywhere. 

The Lighthouse .
Above: the modern part of Sète.

Above and below: nearby downtown, Mediterreenan architecture with strong Italian influence. 

Several options for lunch. 
After checking some daily dishes and menus we opted for a restaurant with very nice smiling waiters. 
While waiting for our meals, I couldn't resist making a picture of that (above) on the table next ot us. A huge fruits the mer meal. Beaufitul ! 

 La daurade grillée for me. 

Fried fish with rice and aioli for hubby.

Sète is renowned for its gastronomy. There are some meals here you cannot find in other parts of France. Such as the "tielle" or "tourte" with octopus and tomato filling. We didn't order it in the restaurant but I found it later on in a supermarket in Montpellier. See below two "tourtes" we had for dinner while staying in a caravan in a camping nearby Nîmes: 

The inside: octopus and tomato paste. The dough is like bread dough. 

Now, back to Sète. After lunch we decided go walk around - I wanted to search and buy some shells... 

Along Le Cadre Royal, we have heard some sounds and movement. Something was about to happen... 

We quickly took place on the wood benches and I started photographing....

It seems some kind of local tradition was about to start:  water jousting.
Remember: this is singular island with singular gastronomy, architecture and traditions.

Very exciting this: in a very organized way, announced by some music the two boats take position to duel one against the other. Always another boy takes place and tries to throw  his adversary into water.  

Reds against blues. 
Where is the boy ? 

The boy was really sad and angry ! 

After a while we left and decided to search for some ice-creams for the kids. No ice cream shop found, but colourful granitas. And everywhere in the shopping boulevard there were references to what we had just seen: La Fête de St. Louis. Medieval roots and very typical of this region.

Sète has a lovely covered market (les Halles) with local produce, amazing diversified food, and a strong Italian influence.  Yes, I would like to come back here if possible, for two or three days. If you happen to be in the Languedoc do not forget visiting Sète !

See you on the next post...

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Sandra said...

Meu reino por esse prato de lagosta!! Meu Deus, que maravilha são essas comidas. Amo frutos do mar!! Deu vontade de ir agora para esses lados da França ...