Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Sunday

Hubby is away with friends in Gent... It is just me and the kids.
Thus the usual Sunday mornings of kids & hubby's croissants was transferred to my responsibility.

Actually, I completely transferred the task to the kids - except pre heating the oven.
Next time they will do it as well.

They do it quite correctly, with care.
After 15 - 20 minutes in the oven at 180C, voilà the perfect ham-cheese croissants ! They are airy, golden and the kids even sprinkled some oregano (don't ask me why) on the filling before rolling them up.
I have already started instructing my favourite chef how to prepare a good cappu for mama.
And in the evening my neighbours next door invited us for dinner: stamppot.

They are leaving in a couple of days to backpack in Indonesia & Bali and we will take care of their cats.  And give water to the plants and keep an eye in their cars and house, of course. I hope her orchids will not die while they are away !! Her orchids are really serious stuff.

I was raised in a house with several pets - who were kept outside the house.   Rabbits, dogs, parkeets, a turtle. I think unconceivable the idea of bringing a dog or a cat to your home, but that how it goes in Europe. At least my neighbour's cats are kept in their garage only and I will not have to chase them in the bedrooms daily in order to bring them food. :)

I brought the dessert. I had prepared it a couple of hours before.
It took me five minutes to prepare it. FIVE MINUTES !!
A can of peaches, crème fraîche, vanilla, honey and almonds essence.
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Carla Adriana said...

Que gentileza dos seus vizinhos!vaqui no Brasil seria um pouco diferente. No maximo te trariam um ima de

Carla Adriana said...

Eu amei! Os croissants estão maravilhosos vc poderia colocar a receita aqui n oseu blog?

Anita said...

Carlinha, pois sinceramente ? Acho que no Brasil o pessoal é muito mais de comer junto do que por aqui. Mas esses vizinhos são para lá de gentis mesmo. Não tem receita de croissant não. A massa já vem pronta, é so desenrolar, separar os triangulos e enrolar (com ou sem recheio). As vezes nem pincelo ovo batido... forno durante uns 15 minutos. Mole, mole, até criança faz !