Thursday, March 15, 2012

Supperclub Cruise, Amsterdam

Last Saturday I had a "team out" date with my work colleagues at the Supperclub Cruise in Amsterdam.  We were told we would had a table on the second floor of he boat and we should be there at 19:30.  When I arrived at the entrance two other colleagues approached me and the three of us were greeted very nicely by a young host . "Any food allergies ? No? All right. You are going to have a surprise menu. The rest of your colleagues are already upstairs -  Le Bar Noir. Enjoy your evening." An old Dutch lady collected our coats and we parted to the stais - but before that I peeked a little bit into la Salle Neige. I love white far more than black - but then upstairs could we have better views ???
Water, prosecco and lots of chatting with C. and M. Lots of water, prosecco and chatting later... Where's the food ???
Two waitresses arrived and started to throw rubber gloves into the guests. Probably we wouldn't have cutlery for our first course and should wear the gloves on - that was the general opinion. Something fishy or sticky, probably.
Betty Boop Cristina with her rubber glove on, ready to enjoy her first course. On a dry (but flexible) pastry there were pieces of marinated salmon e shrimps, topped by a lettuce mix & cillantro. Really delicious.
And then unexpectedly this guy arrived and started circulating around us in the rythym of some music played especially for him by the DJ. It was funny at the beginning, and soon it was clear that he would do a strip tease. A middle aged  couple at a "table" near to us cringed. Well, I do not feel offended by that.  He was very gay and stayed with his underwear on.
Stefan and Katy enjoying the main course: well seasoned and very tender cooked meat with potatoes and veggies. Not superb or creative, but correct. Reminded me of old fashioned granny food (nothing wrong with that !). But I found the portions small.
Pamela and Paulina under red wine effect.
Very low "tables" and everybody could stretch the legs - shoes off.
Some membesr of  the crew... No, I'm not in mos pics that evening- hey, somebody has to be busy taking pics !  

And finally, after a long wait... dessert. An avocado ice-cream and a mango mousse served on a banana leaf. Here and there pepper flakes (the blue flakes I have no idea what they were). There was also a vanilla-ish sort of sauce. I loved the avocado ice-cream, really good. I generally avoid serving avocado when I am hosting large groups...I was impressed that I had it as dessert.

General impression in my humble opinion:

* We have been into supperclub cruise during the Restaurant week (5th-11th March), when the participating restaurants offer a three course meal for only Eur 27.50. I believe the regular menu price in the Supperclub cruise is ... Eur 50.00 ??? But then probably the menu is more elaborate.

* The first course was very good. But why throw the gloves into the air and not give them graciously to each person ? Some of them fell on drinks or on the dusty pillows - not in the hand palms.
* Before the main course we were told by the waitress that we could have asparagus soup for "just Eur 7.50 extra". Some of us accepted it. The soup was served in mugs written Cup a Soup. Everybody was in doubt whether it was fresh made or just powder diluted in hot water. The general conclusion was that it was quite good to be just Cup a Soup. But why then serve own made asparagus soup in Cup a Soup mugs and open the possibility of being just artificial/factory soup ? And for such a high price (Eur 7,50) ?

* The main course was small, lovely tender meat and three pieces of potato, 3 pieces of carrot and some other unindentified veggies.  It could be better.
* I didn't know the boat would be circulating in het IJ (the water between Central Station and Amsterdam North). The Ij is not as stunning as the Bosphorus, but it was nice ! In summer it is, for sure, much more interesting.

* Before dessert was served a girl dressed in white approached our table and announced she was our masseuse for that evening. If we wanted to have some Shiatsu massage it would cost per person Eur 15.00 - if I remember well.. It was quite unexpected for us, we wer emore interested in drinking and chatting  so we just refused it and she left. I mean... shiatsu massage during a dinner ? How strange.

* I had a good chat with my colleagues - especially two of them - laying back on those pillows. That's the good thing when you spend some time with people outside the work environment - you learn some traits of their personality and character you otherwise couldn't have the opportuniy to.

* We were told to be there at 19:30. Dinner was served only at 21:00. Everybody went home at 23:30.  When I arrived home I felt hungry and thus I had a glass of juice. Another colleague told us at work that he had prepared some real food for dinner after arriving at home, hahahah !

General grade for the evening (food, service, ambiance & DJ) in my humble opinion: 7,5 - because I am in a generous mood. I.m.h.o. My colleagues get a 10.- I.m.a.o..

Supperclub Cruise Amsterdam.
The location is great, very accessible by public transport, bike or on foot: pier 14 (behind the Central Station, near "de pont" to Amsterdam North).
More info  here. More photos here.


Jim said...

Sounds like a great night out -- but the dining could have been better. Good that it was not too expensive.

Invader_Stu said...

The stripper looks like something out of a Donnie Darko nightmare