Thursday, February 23, 2012

Honesty #2 [Eerlijkheid] ( Honestidade)

Orchids. I need to have at least one. What I see around me in my home are cactuses, cacti, desert plants, lots of them.
The local flower shop. Bulbs and bulbs everywhere. No, thank you. I want a beauty that will last - at least - half a year. An orchid then. Phalaenopsis, the most popular, and cheap, and easy one.

I walked around for some seconds and my eyes found it immediately. That's it !!  Not white, not purple just yellow/greenish. It would fit in my yellow checkered/flowered pot. In my yellow kitchen nook. The price was quite reasonable too: € 9,99. Yay !!
- Hi ! I've made my choice: I'm going to take this one.
- Pretty choice !
- Please, some piece of advice ? How much water should I give  it?
- Very little. Once a week or so. Once in a month give some liquid fertilizer. Wanna buy some ?
- I have it home, thanks.
- And orchid soil ?
- As well...
- Oh, then you know already about how to take care of them ?
- Actually, I kill them all. Always. All of them. That's why I have been collecting cactuses lately. I am just double and triple checking with you about what to do.
- Ooooh, you are too gentle for your orchids. Just little water. Some fertilizer. Half light, half shadow. When the flower is dead and the stalk starts to get dark brown, cut it out where is not brown. And give even less water.  You have the guarantee of flowers for at least 7-8months. 10 euros please.
- Here you are. I have also this loyalty card. I need the last stamp on it please.
- Sure. Here you are. Now, you have a full card.
- And what do I get now this card is full ?
- You get a 10 euro discount during your next buy. A new orchid, for example, when you kill this one, hahah !
- Hahah ! Goodbye !
- I wish you a nice afternoon. It is dry and sunny. Veel plezier met je orchid ! Goodbye.

While I walked out the shop to where my bike was parked her words still echoed in my mind: "...a new orchid... you are going to kill this one too... kill... kill..."  I laughed inside. I really did. I even had to dry my eyes with the back of my hand. I am too long in the NL to feel offended about the so famous DUTCH HONESTY !!!!

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Sandra said...

hehehe... eu acho bem complicado cuidar de orquídeas, mas que elas são lindas, ah isso são. Na minha casa as flores duram no máximo 3 meses. Marido que cuida, porque eu não sei muito bem quanto de água ao certo colocar.

Anita said...

A phalaenopsis dura quase 8 meses com flor. Tem que dar pouca água. A florista repetiu duas vezes: "Bem pouquinho. Pouquinho." Faz sentido, pois as raízes são aéreas e a planta se alimenta de oxigênio. Se vc der muita água as raízes apodrecem. Orquídea quer AR.