Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sinterklaas rocks ! (not)

Last Saturday we celebrated Sinterklaas at my in-laws'. I decided not to post anything about it this year because you can find enough material in this blog. The big surprise is that my husband bought two little presents for me AND he had enough work also bothering to writing poems. I thought only the kids would get presents and poems. Therefore I didn't buy anything for him and he came back home with empty hands. Well, he did got presents from his parents and sister but nothing from me. He was a bit disappointed. I will try to compensate that with Christmas (for a Dutch person this has not the same value).
My parents-in-law got this CD from my husband and me Sinterklaas.

Then yesterday at my kids school on my way back to the car I heard an American mother who was passing by telling her kid: "... and within some days the real Santa Claus is arriving in the NL, with rendeers..." I laughed out loud. Pardon ? The "real Santa Claus" ??? How is it possible ? She is lucky enough to raise her kids in the Netherlands - where the real Nicolaas traditions began, right? And then she says the real one is still going to arrive ? I guess this kid will rebel when he grows up ! Or not ?

Now, seriously: sometimes I think it would be far better if  Sinterklaas just merged with Santa Claus and arrived during X-mas. Let's make life simpler.


Tom Le Mesurier said...

How interesting! I've just been reading the link - I'm glad you included it because I was wondering who the hell this Sinterklaas guy was! ;)

As you say, it's fun for kids of believe in a silly story for a few years and as long as they get some presents then I'm sure they don't mind which particular fairy tale their parents ask them to believe!

S. W said...

Anita, na empresa em que trabalho esse foi o assunto, os que tem filhos dizendo que não dão presentes porque a época e o Natal, outros ja tem kids maiores e eles nao acreditam em Sinterklaas, mas tem o bullying na escola. Outros ainda estão aqui por 1 ou 2 anos e nao vou introduzir a criança a Sinterklaas. pessoalmente Acho um saco decoração de Natal depois de 5 de dezembro e pra mim ja é tarde, perdeu a graça e eu tenho que arrumar tudo correndo ja que não tenho muito tempo, nao sou fã de Sinterklaas nao. Beijos

Invader_Stu said...

If only she knew Santa is based on Sinterklaas and not the other way around.

Anita said...

Guys: it is impossible NOT to celebrate Sinterklaas in Holland when you have kids. The crèche (kinderdagverblijf) and school re-inforces and stimulates the celbration, with Black Peters and Sint visiting the schools. There is the Sinterklaas journaal on TV daily. And he walks around in chariots in everyvillage - small & big. He is everywhere, you cannot hide from him. And when he finds you and he reads about you in his big book AND you have been naughty he puts you in a bag and takes you back to Madrid - HOW SCARY IS THAT ????

Aldine said...

Anita, sempre visito seu blog e adoro. Esse é o primeiro comentário que eu faco pq não resisti ao ver o cd da Caro. Eu adoro essa mulher. Muito bom o seu blog. Bjus