Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hemaphrodite (It's really HEMA)

Holland likes to sell the image of a avant gardiste country and where many taboos are broken. Oh well... At least  in the advertisement world.
This model promoting a new mega push-up bra is a man. 100% man. His name is Andreij Pejic - a very versatile model (20 years old)  with an androgynous look who performs on the catwalk  wearing Marc Jacobs' or Paul Smith's men's clothes or wearing women's couture at Jean Paul Gaultier's fashion shows as well.

Newspaper De Telegraaf calls the model a HEMAphrodite.

I personally found this campagne very daring and have my thumbs up for the HEMA ! If you think well, who else than a man to prove that you can get 2 sizes bigger with such a product ???  I also consider the photos of very good taste. Simple and pleasant for the eye.
PLUS... it's is incredible that a man can have a job promoting clothes for both genders and in a such natural way.
And you ? What do you think from the HEMA initiative ?
Cool or fool ?
I have tried to find a video with Andrej Pejic talking about this campaign for the HEMA but I haven't found anything. There is this one below where he givs an interview during an interval of the Fashion Week in Brazil this year. English with Portuguese subtitles.


Invader_Stu said...

I would have had no idea if you had not pointed it out.

Anita said...

I know.

Sabrina said...

Adorei conhecer teu blog! Vou pra Holanda ano que vem, então estou absorvendo toda informação que a internet pode me passar sobre lá rs


Anita said...

Que bom ! Espero que volte sempre e passe a seguir o GFH !

Irenita said...

Wow, I would have never guessed! It's a pretty good job!

Congrats for your blog, it's simply great at pointing ut all the "strange" things that expats have to deal with in Holland :)

Mariana said...

Oi Anita!

Eu acompanho seu blog a um tempo, assim como o Ducs Amsterdam..
Meu caso é bem parecido, também tenho um parceiro (agora noivos) holandês!

Estamos resolvendo a papelada e exame pra conseguir o MVV e...queria saber se você poderia compartilhar sua experiência comigo sobre isso, será que teria como?

Deixo meu email aqui caso possamos entrar em contato

Muito obrigada!


Anita said...


Obrigada por acompanhar meu blog !
Olha, eu estou aqui na NL desde 1999. Na época foi tudo muito fácil e rápido em relação à burocracia.
Aconselho vc a procurar blogueiros expatriados recentemente, como a Simone Westerduin do blog "Madonna has stolen my style", por exemplo. Outra sugestão é fazer parte da comunidade Insego, dá para vc entrar nele através de um link que eu pus aqui ao lado.
É bom coletar informação antes de chegar aqui. Por outro lado, cada pessoa tem sua própria trajetória e experiência. O que foi difícil para um pode mostrar-se não tão difícil para outro. No mais: sorte e volte sempre ! :)

Anita said...

Irenita: What an adventurous life you have had ! So now you are in Maastricht... are you going to hang in there for a good while ? Maastricht is stunning ! I wish you lots of succes with your blog (I cound't place a comment in there, it was not accepted).

Anonymous said...

He certainly is equally as beautiful as a Victoria's Secret model!

Jeff Hardy said...
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Lindsey said...

Wow, it's interesting and I"m not sure what to think of it!! I would be curious to see him model as a man, just to compare!

But seriously, if you hadn't said anything, I would have no idea.

Anita said...

I think Andreij Peijic will change to a woman at some point in the future. He feels good being mistaken as one.
About the HEMA they used to have a very strong merchandising and image communication at their points of sale. I have been there last week and haven't spotted the "mega push up bra - 2 cups bigger". So much money invested in this campaign and so much talk for nothing.

Efrutik said...

A little disturbing, but then again if it works for the person that's all that matters for them personally.

Anita said...

Apparently, this identity search has so far worked very well for him.