Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Celebrations

Pheew, 2011 was not an easy year for me and lots of people !  Due to the economic crisis I had friends who preferred to quit their lives in Holland and go back to their home countries. I truly have witnessed many close acquaintances heavily affected by the bad economy. My old house is still not sold and this has provided me a bitter taste... plus the Eurozone is heading for a crisis.  This amplifies my anxiety. On the other side, I have learned this year how resilient and driven I can be. I think I have also completed some karma that needed to be burned. Looking back I conclude that I have had health and love the whole year and that's all that matters.

Although I doubt 25th of December be the date of birth of Jesus (it really doens't matter what the "real"date is)  we can all celebrate Christmas this year by returning to the true spirit of  tolerance.
If you are not a Christian, you can always celebrate the beginning of the new solar year on December 25th.
Let's hope for more manifestations of all good things in the world and more synchronicities.
Occupy yourself !
I wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of good vibes in 2012 !
Now, on a lighter tone... My private gringo received a DVD from my parents: " Ivete Sangalo at Madison Square Garden". My children got as presents... binoculars ! They do not stop observing the neighboorhood's activity, it can be embarrasing sometimes (the houses on my new address have already very wide windows).
Read my last post of 2010 here. I had already talke a bit about Ivete then. Below, a video with her. Enjoy ! See you in 2012 and thanks for following my blog !!


Aledys Ver said...

Happy Holidays to you and your family, Anita!

Beth Blue said...

Anita, boas festas pra você também! E que 2012 nos traga alguma coisa boa, nem que seja saúde pra encarar a batalha e amor (que nunca é demais). No final das contas, é isso o que realmente importa: paz, amor e saúde. O resto é o resto!

Dias melhores virão, aguenta firme aí! beijos

Carla Adriana said...

Hummmmmm,adorei o carneirinho de Ivete,espetáculo.