Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday blues

* Hahaha ! The weather report was predicting yeaterday a "summer day" for today. It is cloudy and I had to wear a leather coat this morning. Summer... hahahah ! Where are the promised 23°C ? I am feeling cheated by www.weer.nl

* The world is exploding in a huge economic crisis and what one reads in the Dutch papers ? "Lady Gaga will perform at Formula 1" (so what ?); "Pamela Anderson half naked in a reality show" (has she ever been decently covered ?); "Many drivers in the NL stoned" (duh !); "The Zaanstad mayor makes a formal complaint about a pie accident" (really ?); "Let's make a deal with criminals - says influential police research Cyrille Fijnaut" (even more ?). Where are news such as this one (click quickly while the links lasts) ? The Dutch media completely ignores international embarrassment of politicians and bankers.

And then I read the title: "Blues legend Harry Muskee dead". After 35 years as a singer, Harry Muskee died yesterday at the age of 70 years old from cancer. Have you never heard of Harry Muskee ? Me neither !! And then I decied to read the whole article which described the ups and down of his career and his work with the band Cuby & the Blizzards. At the end of the article I read that "...photographer and film director Anton Corbijn  chose the melancholic Window of my Eyes for the ending credits of his film The American, with George Clooney (2010). The band received and Edison award for the song." - a lovely song which I divide with you during this gray Tuesday.

Through the window of my eyes
I can see the rainy day
Sitting in the chair
Of my cool room
Looking for a way
To be the one I am
It's useless to cry
For the things I once have known
Thinking it will come back and reach my home

It's like a distant, like a distant face
It's like the shadow on my wall
Something that
That I cannot touch
A heavenly past that calls
the shelter of my mind
Hides my laugh and my tear
and I keep on looking for a reason which is not here...

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Lu_Russa said...

hahahaha, so I guess I prefer the Dutch papers !!!! :)))