Saturday, September 17, 2011


Continuing with the attractions I have visited with my family this summer...
Ta-da ! The Dolfinarium !
Two shows you cannot miss: the first is the "Spetter" with dolphins in the Dolphin Domain (DolfijnDo Mijn). Loooove dolphins (and big primates) - but by now you know it already, I guess..

Sorry for the blurred photos... The show is quite good. I give it a 8 (I enjoyed it far more two years ago. It was another story then.). The story of a girl who dreamed of dolphins and fought the nightmare monster - the best part of the show, the guy was really mean and powerful but was kicked off by the super intelligent dolphins, of course.

I said "no" to this blinking-magical thing, my parent said "yes !"and purchased a couple of them for my kids. Oh, well... okay then... Let's watch the Band of Pirates (in the Crazy Sea Lion Theather) the second great show you cannot miss. A pirate and a bank manager and his helper (a very playful and intellingent seal), in a very simple story. Really funny, really surprising.
Appropriate for kids from 0 to 100 years old.  
On the first page of De Telegraaf you can read: PIRATES !! Let's hide the money !

Not to worry: the seal give the pirate a well deserved lesson at the end.
They all look like jelly, huh ?

These animals are incredibly sweet and well trained.

That's it for now. Goodbye !

The Dolfinarium is located in Harderwijk, in the province of Gelderland.

(If you like orkas, seals, sharks and the super intelligent dolphins you cannot miss this attraction. It is not needed to understand Dutch at all in order to have a good time at the Dolfinarium, so no worries if you are a foreigner. Needless to mention: there are a couple of restaurants there and all facilities you could expect - but the fish stalls on the street nearby the entrance are also great ! Lovely fried cod from the North Sea... you cannot forget to give it a go ! )  

Wanna know more ?

Strandboulevard Oost 1
3841 AB Harderwijk
The Netherlands

The Dolfinarium can be reached via the A28 (Amersfoort-Zwolle). From the motorway, please follow the Dolfinarium signs.There are plenty of municipal car parks with paid parking (also for coaches).

If you are coming by train, get off at Harderwijk (NS station), then take the bus (no. 144, 147 or 148) to the Dolfinarium.
From the bus stop it is just a few minutes’ walk along the harbour to reach the Dolfinarium.

The video below is not Dolfinarium related, but I though it is a lovely video to finish this post. I wish I could hypnotise some sharks liek that... while dressed like a ninja of the seas - exactly like the incredible Cristina Zenato does. I have to start rubbing some noses in order to get some practice...


Anonymous said...

Frankly Anita... only you would like to have some fish to eat after visiting a Dolfinarium.

Invader Stu said...

This is here in Holland? Cool. I never knew about it. I'm gonna have to check it out now.

Carla Adriana said...

Lindo passeio,lindo lugar!Adorei!Francamente,alguns comentários,sem noção....

Amanda said...

looks like this was a fun time, ana!

Beth Blue said...

I love dolfinarium! Been with Liam a couple of times, the show was beautiful.

Louisette said...

Nice place the dolfinarium.Love much your videoand song; greeting from Belgium

Anita said...

Merci Louisette ! More here: (note Quentin Tarantino in the audience...)