Monday, August 29, 2011

Brazil through Dutch Eyes

Ever wondered why some Dutch people would live in Brazil ?
How would they adapt ?
Read about it here and here.


Beth Blue said...

Muito bom, vou dar pro meu namorido ler, quem sabe ele se anima a mudar pro Brasil comigo?!!

Sério, estou numa ressaca braba desde que voltei do Brasil. Acho que curti demais as férias e agora só chove aqui...onde eu fui amarrar a minha égua?

Anita said...

Beth, não seria de todo ruim você mudar para o Brasil. O mercado de trabalho por aqui está muito estagnado, e desse céu só desce muita água. Sua família em POA não conseguiria algo pra voce? O "donwside" é ter que pagar escola, e as demissões acontecem com muita facilidade. Mas há o calor humano, a facilidade das amizades, o tempo agradável... pense nisso. Talvez ir para o Brasil te daria uma garra maior, uma liberdade, mais energia nesse momento da sua vida.

Daniduc said...


"Have you ever been to Holland? It's flat, chilly, individualistic, half of it is protestant, things are arranged to the maximum, people obey traffic rules..."

Not on a bike, they don't.

"...cultural and ethnic groups are quite separated, there are no real big cities, most people speak a second or third language, the state provides for the less fortunate, it's relatively safe and it rains half the time."

Only half? Well, ok then.

Anita said...

I don't like those people on a bike riding next to each other on a bicke path (or three or four) insteado of in a row. It slows down the traffic terribly, but they think it is absolutely their RIGHT. They do that in vilages A LOT. Once, I had to take a route during years and everyday a group of students (more than 20) used to bike as a group to school... very slowly... and all the cars behind furious slowing down too... and I desperate to accelrate and reach at least 50km/h in order to reach the bust stop and take the bus on time... HATE THAT !!!!
Hahaha ! Readers: It rains here MOST of the time. ALWAYS, argh !