Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sailing in the Northern Holland Canals

Yesterday was a perfect day for sailing with our new boat.
The best of it, is that we can peek into the backyard of many houses is that you do it completely following your rythmn and mood. No schedules to be followed, no pre stablished routes.  
Now, look at this Dutch man. While sailing he will have some beers... then he is completely satisfied and in his natural element. He has spent some hours sailing on a daily basis (of course weather permitting it) since he was a kid. Maybe since 8 or 9 years old ?  
Every house with a backyard giving into water seems to have a boat...
Recreation are Het Twiske. Windmills !
Lots of aquatic birds.
And cows and sheeps...

Some (many) houses around the Twiske area are just magnificent !

I have already talked many times before about the wonders of the recreation are located between Amsterdam, Zaandam and Purmered. If you wish to rent a boat to sail in Het Twiske click HERE for more info. A sailing boat with a motor for maximum 5 people costs around 11euros/hour. You can also rent a canoe and pul out the adventurer and explorer for a couple of hours. Not to worry - there are no crocs in the Netherlands. Otherwise I would never, ever, live here.

Florida (USA). Is this a joke ?

 Also in Florida. Ding-dong ! - Dear, I think someone is at the door.  


Alison said...

As a native Floridian, every summer we'd hear stories about alligators coming into residential neighborhoods, climbing fences, swimming in pools ...

Anita said...

So all those stories are indeed true. Thanks for cofirming that, Flamingo !

Invader_Stu said...

My wife is much the same. She is happiest when she is on a boat in the water.

Renato S. Alves said...

Thanks to reffer to my blog! kkkk
I love to swim but here in Florida I only do that in my pool and in the ocean. I stay away from lakes and rivers...don't want to turn into a happy meal for aligattors!!
Great post BTW!

Anita said...

But Renato... I have heard they climb fences and go into the pools. The photo in your blog is a proof of it ! Maybe is it a good idea to install electrical fences around your pool ? Good luck !

Beth Blue said...

Lindas fotos, o Noord Hollandse Kanaal passa aqui atrás de casa também. Fica no caminho para a piscina que frequento.

E vocês tem barco? Que delícia!

Anita said...

Oi Beth. Aqui não coloquei "O" Noord Hollandse Kanaal, fica para um próximo post, mesmo pq tb tem uma história muito interessante. Coloquei aqui foram os canais pela Twiske e minha village, que foi a rota que fizemos.

Leila Zimmermann said...

Passei aqui só para deixar um beijo...
Mas que lugar belíssimo é esse??
Seria ao redor da sua nova casa...??
Leila Zimmermann