Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dutch Cuties: John & Ramon & Humberto

My first post about Dutch cuties was a success ! I decided to introduce here some more - but no fair skin this time. And... three of them !

Cutie #1 is John Williams (Paramaribo, Suriname, 1969), a presenter and actor. John has worked in several shows on TV. I specially love seeing him on house make-up programmes, such as "Help, my man is a DIY'er" and "Help, my man has a hobby". The formula is basically the following: John and his crew come to give some help to desperate women whose husbands made a mess during the renovations. You know how everything ends: women that had completely lost their hopes in having a decent renovated home find after John's help a dream home/palace/castle. Then they cry and squeeze hug (maybe a bit too much) John Williams on the end of the show. I bet everyone knows this kind of stuff I am talking about.
Below, John plays with the fantasies of a woman in a commercial for MONA. The product is a chocolate mousse and the title of the commercial is ChocoDreams. You don't have to understand any Dutch to understand the commercial.

John Williams became the second best during the finale of show Let's Dance, with the number Single Ladies. Yes, he played BeyoncĂ©, with beard and all (and no, he is not gay - just an irreverent actor).

Cutie #2 on this blog post is Ramon Beuk (Paramaribo, Suriname, 1972). Ramon Beuk concluded in  1992, after working in several restaurants, his cooking studies. He also took a diploma in Pedagogics. After extra marketing studies, he started working at department store HEMA as responsible for the present culinary department image of this company. After that, he started working for Unilever where he gave several workshops to large groups about the usage of new products developed by the company. His qualities as an enthousiastic presentater reached the TV companies in Hilversum. He started to have small participations in some programmes on TV and later on started his own program: Born2Cook.  Ramon owns his own Events company CuliPro, cooking school Kooktempel and a party salon De Glazen, in de city of Maarsen.
So far, Ramon Beuk has written four books: "Thais", "Finger Food", “Ramon Beuk Born2Cook” and “De Echte Beuk”. John is married and thas two daughters.
Below, in a commercial for supermaket LIDL, Ramon prepares a grilled potato, topped by entrecote accompanied by a beet sauce. Mini pieces of an apple give the final touch. So easy, I cannot imagine something Dutchier than that. Ramon's tip: when frying a piece of entrecote, use oil AND butter. Oil gets very hot - ideal for frying meat. The butter gives a nice taste and colour. Enjoy !

And last but not least: Humberto Tan (Suriname, 1965). Tan is a Dutch radio and TV anchor man, writer, DJ and fashion designer. He is married and has three kids.  He is also a lawyer - but never worked as such. You can recognize him as one of the presentators of RTL-Boulevard on RTL-4 channel.
On the film below, Humberto Tan plays himself in a comercial for Unox. Coming from work, at first his own dog doesn't recognize him. Humberto wonders why.  "Unox: at home you can be yourself".

John Williams, Ramon Beuk and Humberto Tan. All the three guys are super nice, super enthousiastic and very talented - and of course super succesful. I wish there were more, many more succesful anchor men and actors in Brazil. More visibility of the blacks in the show bizz - and not only as soccer players or singers. I have heard that lately a black actor was the main character in a Brazilian soap opera. Well, there is hope.


Efrutik said...

Pardon. But why? Does anyone else feel offended by that Unox commercial? Seriously is all that necessary ????? It is bleeding with undertone of racism mask by what appers to be a humorous commentary on "being yourself in the comfort of your home.

Total dislike.

Anita said...

Hi Efrutik, good to see you again !
I do not see one drop of racism in the Unox commercial. There are many other examples of Dutch guys that become themselves when they arrive home. Check piano player (and proud owner of an amazing long blond hair) Jan Vayne in this commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjDGYRvfCVE

Jim said...

Very nice!