Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dutch Pastries (Zoete Koeken)

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Pastries and pies are not my thing- definitely, I am no cookie monster. I easily prefer hearty small fast food, canapes or sandwiches.

Anyway, I think it is important in a blog about all things Dutch to bring here something about sweet delicacies. The Dutch patisseire is very vast - therefore impossible to cover this topic in one or two posts. Although the strong French influence, there are also MANY typical Dutch creations. In another post I can talk about Dutch pies and desserts. Here I give you some examples of everyday cookies and pastries:

SPECULAAS: a thin and crunchy biscuit, its main ingredients are brown sugar and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamon and white pepper). It can have the shape of a windmill, a doll, a tower, or an animal. There is the version for kids called speculoos, also very nice. Speculaas is great with coffe or tea.  Highly addictive according to this gentleman.

TOMPOUCE: the ones found at any filial from HEMA department store are the most popular. A tompouce basically consists of two layers of mille-feuille with a vanille chantilly cream in between. It is topped by a pink icing - that can be orange during and after the Queen's Day festivities. Very difficult to eat tompouces: you bite the hard rectangle and the soft filling goes out into the sides - very irritating. Because of that, I have made a fool of myself a couple of times. Read more here. I have already published a pic with mini tompouces (made of marzipan) here.

GEVULDE KOEK: It is a large round pastry - 10cm diameter -  stuffed with a mix of sugar and almonds. It can be flat but also a small high cake (rondo) or flat and long (called then kano). More pics here.  Always decorated with a half almond. I do not know why but for me gevulde koeken are only for winter/Christmas time...  Note: “koek” means “sweet pastry, or cake”. The short form “koekje” originated the word in English... “cookie” !

BOSSCHE BOL: a very large profiterole (12cm diameter) stuffed with cream and dipped in pure chocolate. Almost impossible to be eaten with the fingers. When ordered in a cafe you will have it on a plate, accompannied by fork and knife, thanks. City of origin: Den Bosch. It is difficult to be found in the rest of the country - but no impossible. You should definitely give it a try.

STROOPWAFELS: Originary from Gouda, consists of two layers of baked batter with a caramel-like filling. They can be big enough to cover your cup of tea, or very small - like coins. I personally like to pop them for some seconds in the microwave and enjoy my stroopwafels with coffee. Suzanne loves it too ! Fact: kids & adults love them, foreigners & cloggies love them. Extremely easy to be found in supermarkets in all the Netherlands.

To be continued...


Invader_Stu said...

Oh yes. They are very addictive. They are all very addictive. I can't control myself. I've been licking the screen while reading this post, trying to eat the images.

Amanda said...

i love this introduction to dutch treats! but i'm like you, ana - i prefer savory foods to sweets like these....(with the exception of dark chocolate ;-)

Oxonian said...

Dag Anita, je hebt de kano vergeten meen ik. Ik woon in de buurt van Oxford en mis vooral de gevulde koeken...en haring natuurlijk. Een van mijn dochters woont in Chili. Zij mist ook al die Nederlandse lekkere dingen die ik na een bezoek in Nederland altijd mee terug bracht. Hartelijke groeten. Wim Meeuws (zoek in google mijn naam + bookshop thornton's )

Anonymous said...

Dag Anita, iuk mis de Nederlandse lekkernijen hier ook. Hier d.w.z. Faringdon in de buut van Oxford.
Beste wensen Thornton's Bookshop