Monday, March 21, 2011

Within Temptation - Faster

Today's post is a typical "Friday post" - but I cannot wait for five days to share this. I have seen Sharon den Adel last week in a talk show, super confident and smiley... and then I discovered her new clip while I was enjoying a Turkish pizza at a lunchroom last Saturday. Within Temptation...  Great, as always - but be advised the end is creepy, hahaha !  Typical.

Sharon den Adel designs her own gothic costumes - witch, fairy woman, goddess of darkness, angelic being... Always another female achetype - and alway super confident.  She is expecting her third child this year. Some women seem to be able to accomplish all their dreams, don't they ? Sharon is sooo inspiring for young girls. More pics here.


donkey and the carrot said...

Wow! The clip rocks!!! Great singer great song!!! Let's go faster... :)

Jaboticaba Preta said...

yes, there's life beyond lady gaga, britney, xtina....

her voice is very beautiful