Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jurianne Matter (Paper Design from Holland)

Wishboats, an original idea for parties and a child's room...

Above: the wishboats print set.

Blom in sticks...

The package of a blom.
Mmmm.... paperdesign from Holland. Super delicate and eyecandy made by Jurianne Matter. Cards, lanterns, angels, boats and flowers.

Jurianne completed her studies at the Interior Styling School at Artemis Academy, in Amsterdam. She works as a freelance designer and product stylist. She designs her own paperwork and also patterns for other companies such as &Klevering Amsterdam. You can find her work in many shops and webshops in the Netherlands and abroad. Jurianne told me by e-mail that during her childhood she spent vacations with her parents in Scandinavia - and that area of the world still inspires her work.

Such Sing angels are perfect to decorate my girl's bedroom not only during Christmas but all year long !
A little tree
A miniature ode to nature.

All the photos on this entry were sent to me by Jurianne.
Below, a translation of a fragment from an e-mail she sent me:

Hello Ana,

(...) How funny your blog, The Netherlands through Brazilian eyes. It is nice to read what your impressions are ! I have a lot of visitors from Brazil and meanwhile I have discovered why: Brazilians are very good in papercraft ! A Brazilian friend of my got an old magazine, did "raf-raf" en made a pretty Christimas tree for me. She also can make beautiful and resistent baskets with folded newspaper sheets. I have at this moment a free-download piece on my blog and that is very much visited by people in Brazil. (...)

Jurianne, thanks for your openess, your kindness, all the photos and your e-mails !
I love your work !

In order to buy her work visit:
Her blog, where you can see more of her other design works, tips, trips and comments:


Carla Adriana said...


Que coisa mais chic, mais linda!Imagina um jantar tendo essa decoração na mesa?Somente vc e seu Blog para trazer tanta coisa bacana.Parabéns pra vc e para Jurianne!

Anonymous said...

Anita had never seen anything like this here in Canada. I found it very interesting. These are small details that make all the difference. I'm delighted.

Anonymous said...


Aqui no Brasil temos muita coisa em papel, aliás no "Downtown shopping" existem duas lojas especializadas neste tipo de trabalho,oferecem cursos e muito material.O trabalho da Jurianne se diferencia por ser exclusivo. Amei. Vc mais uma vez inovando!E o número de seguidores só crescendo!Mãos à obra na divulgação.

Anonymous said...

Papier d'art enfin quelqu'un pour en parler. J'ai toujours aimé cet art. Je ne peux pas trouver des documents en toute simplicité.

Anonymous said...

Que post gostoso de se ler. Muito bom falar sobre papel.Podemos criar tantas coisas.As estampas são muito interessantes.Criativas.Eu já conhecia o trabalho da Jurianne e encontrá-la aqui no seu Blog, foi apenas unir o útil ao agradável. Valeu.Ângela Cristina.

Invader_Stu said...

I like the wish boats. They are a great idea.

Beth Blue said...

Pois eu amei T-U-D-O! Mas sou suspeita pra falar porque adoro papercrafts (a começar por scrapbooking, meu vício nos últimos anos).