Monday, January 31, 2011

It is Giveaway Time !

On February 13th Greetings From Holland will be completing 2 years ! My sincere "thank you" to all followers and those bringing their "two cents" !

With my blog I have met virtually and/or personally many bubbling personalities and discovered many interesting blogs made by creative, enthusiastic, critic, passionate and very opinionated people around the world. I have done a lot of research and learned even more interesting things about the Dutch culture and myself...

In order to celebrate the two years of G.F.H. I will be giving away two books. The title is "Dutch Cooking Today" and has easy-to-prepare, modern interpretation of traditional Dutch recipes. Thus no granny food - although one can label Dutch food as "comfy food". The book is in ENGLISH. I have gotten one as a present many years ago and prepared so far many yummy recipes. So I bought two units and decided to give them as presents this month.

Above, zebras. It is a starter made of rye bread and a mixture paste consisting of cream cheese, dill and salm. No frying, no cooking - and you can prepare it with a certain advance in time. If you do not like to use salm you can use a white fish of cooked chicken instead - it is goingto look even whiter and become more "zebra-ish" !
Above: chicken and salm soup. Very low fat, very surprising ! Please explore my blog clicking on the labels "restaurants", "recipes", "food"  on the right side of this page if you are not familiar with Dutch foods/meals/delicacies/street food.

Above: pear stewed in red wine, cloves and cinnamon. I prefer curd with prunes - also found in the book !
"Poffertjes": tiny pancakes. Found in all Dutch supermarkets and also during fairs and quermesses around the country, during the whole year. Serve them topped with butter and sugar. Notice the recipe has three paragraphs. I told you: the Dutch recipes are simple AND the Dutch cuisine is so much more than just mashed dishes and pea soup ! The brilliant thing about this book concept is that there are NO Indonesian foods (it is a very strong ethnic cuisine in Holland), NO Belgian foods (which is very lovely cuisine from a neighbouring country and uses liqueurs and beers) or from other countries  at all - and these days Italian and French have lots of influence on Dutch cooking styles. The book is all about pure ingredients and honest flavors in a 1-2-3 step.

Book contents: classic basic sauces, breakfast/brunch/lunch, cakes with tea or coffee, appetizers and snacks, soups, one-pan dishes, main courses, vegetables and side dishes, desserts. All recipes come with a photo. There are also art photos in the book with Dutch themes / landscapes / sceneries.

And the lucky winners get also one plastified bookmarker with magnets, so that you can place it on your chosen recipe page. You can also write some notes inside the bookmarker.  Everyone, living in any part on planet Earth can participate on it. Here are the simple rules to participate in this draw, step-by-step:

1) Become a follower of Greetings from Holland right now if you are not one;

2) Place a quick comment in English (on this post only) up to 16th February, not forgetting to mention your name, city and country. Example:
Hi there Anita ! I just discovered your blog, and I already love it !  I also would love to win one of the books. I am really interested in preparing some Dutch food. My fingers are crossed ! Good luck with your blog. Nigella, London, UK;

3) You can also write about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Orkut page or Tweeter. After that you can come here and publish the link (do not forget to mention your name, city and country). Like that you can participate as many times as you wish !

4) When I publish on the lucky winners' names on the 16th February they have two days to react, placing a thank you comment. In case one or both winners do not react then I will make another draw. The presents will be sent via mail as soon as I get the winners addresses.

This is so exciting ! Good luck to all participants !


Aledys Ver said...

Happy two years of blogging, Anita!! What a nice idea to celebrate. I like how you arranged the books and the tiles for this photo!
Good luck to the winners ... and since I am one of those "opinionated" (which means that you're stubborn in letting go of your opinions) blogger followers of yours, I cannot finish without an opinion: Dutch cuisine is not just about mashed potatoes and peas - they also use bacon and onion! yuuupieeeee hahaha (just a joke!)

Larissa, Lara, Lalá, .... said...

Very happy to participate!!! I love cooking and I am very interested in cooking Dutch food!!! I loved the pears .... Larissa, Boudry, Switzerland

Liana said...

dear anita, i've even already recommended your blog to a friend.
i've just come back from there but didnt try any typical food, cos all i heard was about the pea soup!

bern, switzerland

donkey and the carrot said...

Hi Anita!!! I just loooooove anything Dutch... and i am a foodie so i would love to win one of the books!!!! Happy birthday to your little baby (your blog) and i wish a million followers!!!! Love Foivi (Katerina), Athens, Greece!

Larissa, Lara, Lalá, .... said...

Posted on Faceebook!!!

Larissa, Lara, Lalá, .... said...

Posted on Twitter!!!!/LarissaCarelli

Miss Poppy said...

Happy birthday to your Blog Anita!!!The recipies look delicious!!!I would really like to win one of your books!!!Many many kisses from Greece!!!


Jane Murback said...

Hi Darling!
You know who I am and you know that my English is "meia boca total" (a shit).
Because of this I would love to win this book! First to improve my English, second to learn how to do this delicious Dutch food!

Lizzy said...

Fun giveaway Anita! I'm obsessed with cookbooks! Of course, a Dutch one always comes in handy. Cute bookmark too! I need about 300 of them ;-) Congrats on the 2 year mark!

Jim said...

Time flies when you are blogging! Count me in. I love to cook and would love to discover new taste treats.

Jim, home town favorite in Niterói, Brazil.

Zoe said...

Hi Anita!It's your blog anniversary and we receive gifts!Thanks a lot! I love your blog because I can learn more and more about the country I've been living for almost 3 years!You gave me a lot of tips, ideas and explanation!Longer life for the blog! Roberta, Amsterdam, NL

Ju Ben Keid said...

Hallo!! My name is Ju Ben Keid I discovered your website by @entrepanelas'tweet.
Congrats!!! Your website is very interesting, always have something about Holland and for me is good point, because I know that have many people in the world thatappreciate many things from the country.
I really like dutch food. I miss this kind of meals.... I lived in Holland for many years and I learned to cook there. Well, is it. Tks

Ju Ben Keid
Recife- Brazil

Ju Ben Keid said...

Posted on Twitter!!/Ju_BenKeid

Simone Westerduin said...

Hey Anita.

Here it's Simone, from Den Haag. I came as quickly as I saw your comment in my facebook, I was just having a dinner, which remainds me how much a miss Dutch food. I'm very excited to be the winner of this lekker book, it can also help me to become a better cook (and I'm not proud about it).

Groetjes ^^

Marisa said...

Bom dia!

I just discovered you blog and am curious and happy to see how mixed one can get with brazilian and dutch cuisines :) as most people outside holland, I used to think it's about potatoes and indonesian scents! hope to get the book so as to change my mind ;)

happy cooking and posting!

from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

mub said...

Wow two years! Congrats =D

I was looking at this book the other day in the store!

Kim, Eindhoven NL

Jaboticaba Preta said...

Hi girl, the link was offline, but it's working again. Congratulations for the second year of GFH. It's a really nice blog and I'm glad to have it among my favorite ones.



Tania said...


I am from Braziland I would LOVE to learn more about Dutch food....

Campinas- Brazil

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Happy Anniversary and Gefeliciteerd!

Ok, I would give almost anything to have one of those Zebra sandwiches right now. I miss the Dutch salmon spreads--we ate SO much of it when we lived in DH.


Amanda said...

i am fascinated by those tiny pancakes --- and the zebras -- yum to all!!!

Sylvia said...

Happy anniversary.Anita.Such a great idea you had.

Beth Blue said...

Better late than never: Happy Blog Anniversary! 2 years and many more to go!

Which reminds me, my blog is almost 5 years old...WOW.

Daisy said...

Happy Anniversary!

entretulipas said...

Hi Anita,
My name is Marina and, also like you, I'm brazilian. Since I discover your blog, I always come here to remember all the good moments that I had when I lived in Holland.
Congratulations for the 2 year of your blog! I also have one too. If you want to have a look:!/entretulipas
So, Congratulations again and take care. :)

Rachel said...

Yay for 2 yrs! Time flies when you are having fun. I would LOVE to try some Dutch food! If I can manage black beans, I think I can manage Dutch ;)

Rachel: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil said...

Hello Anita

Congratulations on your two-year anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment, and fun to look back over all your posts. Count me in on the Dutch cook book contest, thanks.

Den Haag

Anita said...

Hi All !

Thanks so much for all comments.
A special thank you note to those who decided to NOT take part in the contest (because already have the book, or doesn't like cooking or... whatever) but decided to Tweet and/or post on their FB wall about it. Thanks !
Good luck to all. Keep tweeting pls !

Holland Shop said...

Great blog! Keep it up!