Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amsterdam Scenes

I did a test in the site "Normaal" before visiting this exposition in the beginning of the year. My result ? "Sorry. You have got only 33% of normality. Or maybe... congratulations ?" Is that good or bad ?
I would never ever leave my beautiful bike on the streets of Amsterdam.
These elephants were here in this blog before, remember ?
This firm has bought two of them.
De Blauwbrug, detail. The most beautiful bridge of Amsterdam in my opinion. I have made the pics above when I visited La Rive, one of my first posts in this blog.

My father is a big collector of cartoons & comic strips. Since very little I was exposed to awesome European and American classic production, graphic novels and big post war albums. The Spirit, Valentina, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, Prince Valiant and many many others have had a huge impact in my popculture formation. When I saw this entree, I couldn't resist and registered it. Old and modern mix very well in this city. The crazy and the conventional as well.

Pleasure Island is today.
I picked up my basket of photos and examined the content. And then I have just decided to feature here some of my last shots in de Mokkum. This post is a declaration of love to Amsterdam. Oh, and to wish you a nice weekend as well. Yep, all the photos here are for you. Because I blog only for your eyes.
And for your eyes only.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Wish I Were There

My simple feijoada for this evening is ready ! I have fried some sausages, added diced onion and garlic and then very finely sliced dried meat. I poured it into the black beans broth cooked with a dried laurel leaf in a pressure pan and... voila ! It could easily feed 11 men ! My today's feijoada is not a complete one, with all those side dishes but it will do perfect for a lonely savouring on the couch in front ot the telly. Kaka, Pato, Robinho... vai galera !

By the way...
Ever wondered how Brazilians react when the soccer team scores ?
Check below. I wish I were there during the World Cup games.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Call Appeldoorn (Dutch Insurance Company)

The English guys just wanted to have sunny vacations in Rio.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plastic & Romantic

Spotted in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Maybe not too functional with the basket, but artistical and pretty though. Cause not everything should be functional - en het oogje wil ook wat !


This morning I have already voted. Back home I checked a link to El Periodico that a Spanish acquaintance of mine had posted on his FB page stating that Dutch voters have never been so unsure about making choices. After talking to some other moms and relatives that's exactly how I feel.

Something suprises me: it is not an electronic vote anymore. In Brazil it is - people living in far distant places in the countryside have to travel in order to vote (it's obligatory) and the result is known very quickly. Here I presented my passport, got a large paper at the location to vote (with a red pencil) and deposited it in a box. Incredible because in this country everything is done electronically: public transport operate with a chip card system, you do exams (driver's licenses, courses, etc.) via computer. But not the elections.

Because my in laws are vacationing we have received their papers (De Telegraaf). This paper has one the most horrible layouts I have ever seen in my entire life, bah ! But being an avid reader I try to ignore the nightmarish layout with a mish mash of family/type letters and I started to follow Joran van der Sloot's last news. I do not know anything about international agreements in this case but I hope this psycho will rotten the next decades in a Peruvian prison. If he comes to Holland I bet he will have a prison or TBS clinic that is a comfy apartment, with a flat screen TV where he can watch teen porn, enjoy occasional sunbaths, check the net, go to the gym, go under psychological treatment and when released from prison for good behaviour before completing 35 years he will kill another girl. Just like many other dangerous TBSers released from the "jail".

The creepiest of all, reminded to me by a fellow blogger, is that Joran killed Stephany Flores exactly 5 years to the day after Natalee Holloway's disappearance: the 30th May.

Theo Maassen in a great role.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I woke up very early, suffering from puffy eyes (hay fever), with the noise of my kids. The four of us are similar to fried shrimps after yesterday sun and every one's backs hurt a bit. After fixing breakfast for my 245 kids I put my fitness clothes on and had a very healthy breakfast (rolled oats cooked in milk, with yogurt and linen seeds. Actually I would love a very greasy and sugary breakfast today, hotel like. Kind of: scrambled eggs, butter, brie, smoked salm, sausages, croissants, jam. Duh ! -Keep dreaming). Ready to leave to the gym - yes, it IS open on Sundays - my husband came down and asked me: "Where are you going ? Why are you dressed like that ? We should leave this morning to the Aviodrome, right ?" Dammit ! Sport shoes and clothes out, jeans/top and sandals on... off to Lelystad !

Because I think most people who read my blog do not have kids I will be brief. The park is huge ! We were greeted at the entrance hall of the theme park by retired pilots whom collected our tickets and guide some small groups. After taking a lift, ooops I mean: time machine, we can admire indoors lots of historical airplanes and war documentation. At noon we rushed to a 4D theater room were there was a lovely short film named "I Can Fly". Really cool, with a lot of time travel going to the future and back to different epochs in the past - and a pinch of romance.

Searching for more info about the film in the Aviodrome site I've learned that the main character is played by lekker ding Mark van Eeuwen who seems to be well know in Holland for he works at a soap called "Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden" - or just GTST. I have never watched one chapter of it but it seems to be an extremely popular soap in Holland.

Does this type of glasses fit well my face shape ?

Outside you can take part on fly simulations, visit a Boeing, some cockpits, and a replica of Schiphol airport as it was in the 60's. Aviodrome is great fun for kids who are interested in machinery, motors, airports. (Sometimes I think the reason my husband drags us to this kind of attraction is because he has great fun himself in the first place, visiting cockpits, taking part in flight simulations to the Moon, etc.. "Boys will be boys..."). Anyway, because my son wants to be a diver AND a pilot, it was cool experience for him. Well, he also wanted to become a Spider Man as a third profession, but has dropped this idea a couple of years ago. Thus: a pilot and a diver he shall be !

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sex (with pens)

This blog entry took me less than two minutes to post. Because it is a sunny weekend in the NL and nobody is going to be indoors busy with blog stuff. (Copied & pasted from Sexpedia, Jan. 2010, Epoca magazine)