Thursday, December 2, 2010

Valencia, Adiós

Above: a posh restaurant nearby Hotel Bristol called Nederland 1814. Not for our budget. Rather a poep sjiek plek voor stinkende rijke mensen.
Above: Central Station. Below: window detail of a building at Plaza de la Virgen. In Valencia you always have to look up in order to admire the sculptures and angels adorning the top of the buildings and appreciate all the iron work on balconies. So much rococo and baroque, oh boy !
Tile tableaux are everywhere...  it is almost an obsession.

Above: fountain, Plaza de la Virgen. The place to be with family and kids on Sunday mornings. Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons ! Las palomitas ! The flying rats !
... Tiles are indeed everywhere, even in the restrooms. Above and below: ladies's restroom, La Vida Sin Dormir restaurant, harbour area.
Orange trees are everywhere. Not so many as in Sevilla, but still... lots of them. Everywhere.
We have also visited a Museum near Plaza del Toro. The entrance is free on Sundays. I spent one week without eating red meat after visiting this museum and staring at the photos on the wall.
Another small museum that was also open on a Sunday was the Fallas (Fallero Museum), with giant dolls and carriages and altars...

Everytime I visit Spain I get a better perspective of South America. Yes, they have stollen and robbed a whole continent, leaving so many scars behind. But still - they have left a huge architectocnical legacy behind. Many times in Valencia I had a sense of deja vu and thought for some seconds that I could be in Recoleta or Palermo, Buenos Aires (that's in Argentina, South America, folks).  

After the Sunday breakfast we have heard sounds and screams when we were at the hotel lobby making plans for the day. It happened to be a marathon. A man stopped running in order to kiss this woman below (while another marathonist remarked: "Es un pegador !") and then ran away while the child was screaming "Papaaaaaa ! Come back! ". The woman explained: "Esta todo bien ! No pasa nada. Papa must run away with the others. Lets wave to all of them ! "

... And in Valencia I also enjoyed the company of a guy with and incredible sense of direction, an unbeatable good humour and always open for exploring new things. Obrigada meu amor for sharing one more adventure with me !

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