Friday, December 10, 2010

GFH most visited posts.

Ever wondered... which are my most viewed posts ?

- Texel
- Container Houses
- Zaanse Schans
- Diploma ABC
- French Markets
- Sail 2010 - II part
- How to Irritate a Brazilian ?
- NT 2 -II
- This weekend
- A Brazilian Wedding Party
- Brazil, Facts & Oddities
- Samba Kitchen

They are not my most commented posts, they are the most viewed post & with long visits. (There are other posts that were/are very viewed such as recipes and videos and that I didn't include on the list above. And my most read post I didn't include on the list above, it is called "Brazil 2014".). I guess all the links the posts above contain are still working. Please have a look and enjoy !


Line said...

I will definitely have a look. “How to irritate a Brazilian”, hahaha! Some people here are experts in doing that!

Have a great weekend!

Invader_Stu said...

You seem to have more respectable most visited posts than me. My visited posted is about space cake.

Anita said...

Line: otimo finde para vc tb !
Stu: Lots of pervs arrive into my blog when searching "blond / naked blond whores / Amsterdam" and they find my post BLOND - Amsterdam (which is about a porcelaine brand).