Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! (with a new underwear)

Never thought that a Katy Perry video would bring tears to my eyes...
My kids love this hit, especially the part when she sings
Boom, boom, boom,
even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

... they love singing along !
Hot chic Katy wears a long romantic dress and her makeup is a composition of whites, blues and silver. She also has a hairdo/walks like a goddess. Class ! So different from her usual tacky funky outfits/makeup/wigs.

Above: fireworks in Copacabana, Rio, 2009-2010.

Foto above: New Year's Eve in Rio, 3 million people celebrate with fireworks and music in Copa. During 15-20 minutes the sky become so clear as during the day. That's a thing you should witness before you die.

And some priestesses offer food and gifts to Yemanja, a sea godess and a mother divinity of the Afro-Brazilian culture (especially woshipped in Rio and Salvador da Bahia). Below, a Brazilian girl devout of Yemanja.  Her colours are blue, white and silver. More about her you can find reading this beautiful text.
No, that's not Aphrodite or any oriental goddess- that's Yemanja.

And in Rio, everybody dresses on white for the New Year, wishing peace and good vibes. Once my then Dutch boyfriend (and actual husband) spent New Years' Eve in a condo in Rio with me and a couple of friends. I had told him in advance to pack white clothes - which he didn't do (or simply didn't have any). He had instead a yellow bermuda and a colourful shirt. In solidarity to him I also dropped my white dress and picked something colourful. A girl friend of mine also opted for light yellow clothes in order to give us some support and do not let him feeling like a clueless gringo.
Photo: The

Below, a video from 1975  with Clara Nunes (1943-1983), one of the best Brazilian singers and artists ever. On the video she has a (natural) straight hair and light skin. Later on her life she converted into African tradition, used an afro hair and her skin was always tanned. She also wore typical African costumes and accesssories.
Because my childhood was spent in Rio Northern zone during the 70's, I used to listen to A LOT of Clara Nunes. Cariocas were then obsessed about her voice, smile and charms. And why am I talking about Clara Nunes ? Well, when I think of New Year's Eve, I think of Clara's hits - and samba songs in general.

Clara Nunes toured Europe in the late 70's and became famous in Japan as well, during a time that there was no MTV and video clips were rare.

"O mar serenou quando ela pisou
Na areia
Quem dança na beira do mar
É sereia"

(The sea became calm whe she stepped
on the sand
That who dances on the shores
she is a mermaid)

Even 27 years after her death Clara Nunes keeps inspiring new artists, such as Ivete Sangalo and Vanessa da Mata, as shown above during New Year's Eve 2009/2010 in Salvador, Brazil. They sing some of Clara's old hits. I think both do not get even close to Clara Nunes' charms, talent and charisma. (**sight** ). Ivete is quite popular in Brazil - but I personally find her rustic (and this is maybe a marketing strategy?). I guess Ivete will be one the stars during the opening of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. And Vanessa... well, her voice is pretty but it saddens me she wants to help herself a bit into fame & fortune being a cheaper copy of Clara Nunes (*sight, sight *).

Now, a bit of Brazilian fab New Year's Eve superstition. Would you like to have some good luck, improve your $$$ and meet the love of your life in 2011 ? Buy some new underwear for New Year's Eve ! Depending on the colour you are going to wear, you can give a little hand to your destiny into the right direction. Ladies and gents, just try it - it doesn't hurt !

Yellow: "prosperity and optimism"
Light pink:  "compassion, softness and a bit of romance".
Dark pink: "beauty, passion and romance".
Green: "youth, freshness, calm and hope".
Blue: "loyalty, idealism and dreams".
Beige: "calm, passiveness, melancholy" (bleargh !).
Orange: "movement, changes and spontaneity"
White: "innocence and purity". (translation: 0 chances of improving your sexual life in 2011)
Silver: "brings modernity, new technologies and innovations" (and sex toys ?).
Gray: "stability, success and quality"
Red: "elegance, class & leadership" (translation: free the dominatrix in yourself).
Black: "mistery, fantasy, sophistication and luxe" (wow !).
Animal prints (zebra, panther, turtles, cow, insects): "a more playful life".

Photo author: unknown.
Model: unknown.
Underwear brand: unknown

The ideal and most fashionable underwear colour pattern in my opinion according to superstition:
an animal print and a dark pink background, hahahaha !!

I wish you all a Happy 2011 !!


Aledys Ver said...

Great post, Anita! Loved it!! And yes, New Year's Eve in Rio should be a sight to see once in your lifetime before you go-go :D (never been, always wanted to be there!)
In Argentina the tradition of new underwear also applies... in fact, most women wear the pink underwear they got from "Papá Noel" for Christmas (it's a tradition to give pink knickers).

Presépio no Canal said...

Thanks, Ana :-) To you too and your family, a GREAT
2011!! :-)

Anonymous said...


I love Rio!

Anonymous said...

Obrigada por mostrar para o mundo a verdadeira cara do Brasil.
Moro em Amsterdã e acompanho diariamente o seu Blog. Gosto de todas as suas materias,tanto as que mostram coisas daqui como do Brasil.Vc consegue mostrar as coisas exatamente como são. Aqui e lá.
Parabéns e um Feliz 2011.

Carla Adriana said...

Feliz 2011 ,pra vcs!Adorei o post , muito bom !
Carla e João

Lilian said...

That is such a nostalgic song.
Too bad Clara Nunes left us so early...
This year I will not be offering flowers to Iemanjá in Rio. But my heart will be there.
Have a wonderful 2011!

Efrutik said...

You kow I have not been blogging for a while now, but so glad I logged on today! I love this post thank you so much for writing about the Brazilian tradition of meeting the New Year, I absolutely love this post! Definitely going to concider my choices for underwear this NY eve! Cheers and happy upcoming New Year to you and your family. Besos!

Lu_Russa said...

wow !!!

engraçado que pra mim tudo isso do Brasil q vc falou parece mais estrangeiro que o próprio estrangeiro risos


Anita said...

Aledys: I wouldn't expect from Argies to be different. Besos.
Sandra, um forte abraco !
Carla: obrigada amore.
Lilian: realmente nostalgico, do seculo passado, anos 70 e la vai pedrada.
Erutik: a New Year's Eve in NY DESERVES a special underwear.
Lu: vivendo e aprendendo, vivendo e aprendendo...

Suzanne said...

I love the idea of wearing white at New Year's Eve. I am SO tired of black clothing everywhere! And I agree with you about that Katy Perry video. That gal has a lot of heart and it really shows in her latest release. Have a fantastic 2011 Anita!

Jaboticaba Preta said...

Feliz Ano Novo!!! Beijos para vc e toda a família.

Anonymous said...

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