Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You know you have been in the NL for too long when...

My comments are in between parentheses.

1. You have a bike. (I have actually 2)
2. You even know how to brake using retropedaling. (I don't)
3. Walking from your faculty to the cafeteria has become unimaginable. You take your bike, even if it's for 50meters. (Even if is for 25 meters)

4. Eating 7 slides of bread for lunch doesn't scare you anymore. (Oh yes, it does !)
5. By the way, you stopped eating warm lunch. You just eat bread. (NO way !)
6. You know what a kroket is, and you learned to avoid the orange ones. (What's wrong with orange ?)
7. It doesn't surprise you anymore to eat at 18:30. (I think it's a healthy time)
8. You drink beer. (Among other things...)
9. You got used to trance and electro music. (I don't think so...)
10. You don't cheat on the train, because controllers are EVERYWHERE. (I have learned my lesson)

11. When the cafeteria is crowed, you line up neately with the others. (ALWAYS)  
12. You used to use cash all the time, but now you have a pin card. (Of course)
13. You think ducks are cute. (Veeeery cute !)
14. As soon as the sun pops out, you make a barbecue, even if it's 10°C outside. (If it's dry, yep !)
15. You think 15°C is warm (C'mon !)
16. You know winter stops in May, and not March as everywhere else. (A-hem !)
17. You don't remember what a moutain looks like. (Umm... I think I still do.)
18. You still don't know how to speak Dutch. But your English has improved. (It is always improving)
19. You know what Surinam is. And where it is. (Maybe bordering Belize ? Bangladesh ?  Brazil ?)

20. You never go out without your bike lights. (Otherwise I get a 60 euro fine, damned !)
21. You think butter in a bottle is normal. (Isn't it ?)
22. You've been to a flower park, and thought it was cool. (It was)
23. You're ok with having only one flavour of ice cream : the white ones. (Sooo sad!)
24. You don't even bother to ask "do you speak English?", you just speak English right away. (Actually I am ashamed of doing that. Really, some Dutch people can't English).
25. When you go to the cinema, you are ok with being told where to sit.
26. And you wouldn't dare sit anywhere else. (Humpf.)
27. You have finally accepted the fact that Gouda is cheese. (and a very good one)
28. Paying 6€ for a meal in the cafeteria seems normal.
29. You know how to repair a bike. (no)

30. You eat potatoes at least once a day. (Hahaha!)
31. You always check the weather before leaving home. (the day before, actually) 
32. You know what it is being late and having to wait for a boat to cross the bridge. (you tell me...)
33. You can drink milk at any time of the day. (ugh!)
34. Sometimes, you only drink milk as lunch. (no, no, no !)
35. You have tried karnemelk at least once. (a long time ago... does it count ?)
36. You start liking dropjes. (they taste to plastic and insects. No thanks.)
37. For you something sweet means stroopwaffels.

40. Spring means flowers blooming and construction sites opening up all over the place.
41. Being tall gets a new meaning. (I used to be considered relatively tall in Brazil. Don't laugh - I'm not kidding)
42. Blonde is back to being a hair-color, not a concept. (check) 
43. you have 4 seasons in one day. (check)
44. you can start a mail to your teacher who happens to be a doctor by "yo, wassup doc". (exaggeration. I can get the message though)
45. You think that paying to use the toilets is normal. (up to 50 cents - it's ok)

I have seen these remarks above in Cuca's blog - who in her turn has seen in someone elses'.
If you are a foreigner living in Holland please feel free to comment/agree/disagree on the remarks above !

(to be continued...)


Alison said...

They don't all fit me personally, but I do at least understand them all! I had to laugh about the tall/height one. I too used to be considered tall until I moved here. I think that was one of the biggest adjustments I had to make, in some ways. I had identified as tall for 30+ years; it's hard to suddenly be average to short!

Zoe said...

Hi Anita! I am also a Brazilian living in the Netherlands and I confess I saw myself in most items above!!
I really like your blog, very interesting, even for who lives here. Congrats and thanks for making me laugh!

Anita said...

Alison: my motto is: "Everything is relative", (isn't it?).
Zoe: oh, quanta gentilieza. Obrigada pelos elogios.

Orangesplaash said...

Lovely round up - I agree with the english language, retropedaling (something I learnt coming here) and some more.

Beth Blue said...

Very nice post, but I realized I haven't been here long enough (despite almost 17 yrs).

1. my bike is broken and I don't know how to repair ir
2. I still hate dropjes of all sorts (and karnemelk)
3. I dont eat potatoes every day, maybe twice a week (or less). I just prefer rice and pasta, sorry.
4.I can't get used to vanilla ice cream either, thank God for Haagen Dasz and Ben&Jerrys! And Australian Ice Cream is also delicious (mango, coconut, banana).
5. My Dutch is actually better than my English these days! What a shame...but hey, I do live in Holland.

As for the beer...I used to drink loooooooooong before Holland (in Brazil I enjoyed my chopps, hehehe).

And that was a VERY long comment indeed...

Carla Adriana said...

Eu não sou holandesa,assim como não moro na Holanda,mas estou aqui morrendo de rir...pois me lembrei de várias ocasiões e é demais!
Agora já imaginou como seria um estrangeiro aqui no Rio?

Jaboticaba Preta said...

Lol! I said YES to many of the itens listed above. Now...what's the problem with the orange kroket? I suspect the author meant the infamous frinkadel kkkkkk

Anita said...

Orangesplaash: retropedaling ? Only in the cirucs - not for me.
Beth: pasta and rice rock !
Carla: ha varios links de blogueiros americanos vivendo no Brasil na parte direita da pagina (Qualidade de Vida, Rachel's Rantings in Rio, Becoming Brazilian, Florida Guy in Rio, Adventures of a Gringa in Rio, etc.)
Jabo: Hahaha! Maybe. I think an orange kroket is just a raw kroket, argh !

Daniduc said...

Loved it! Did my own version here: