Thursday, November 4, 2010

Het Speulderbos, Garderen, the Veluwe

Last weekend we spent two nights at a hotel in Garderen to celebrate my parents-in-law 45 years marriage. This was our third time at the Bilderberg 'T Speulderbos -  yep, we liked it a lot. This time we noticed it had gone under renovations - it has a more contemporary, flashy decor now.
After the check in we went for a walk in the woods. The hotel is located in the heart of Holland in the middle of  woods of the Hoge Veluwe area.

My sister-inlaw  found immediately this mushie, told us its characteristics and enlightened us about other species of funghi too. I have posted about my incursions in the nature with s.i.l. before here and here. The children have lots of respect for what they find while in the woods and my eyes have become better trained to spot mushies, feathers, and other marks around.

Above: my s.i.l. informed that this type of mushroom is also known by the vulgar name of "potatoe mushroom". It makes sense to me. It is always big, pale yellow, round and stays firm on the ground.

Those above are popularly known as wooden mushrooms - they are so hard, just like wood !
The fairy tale woods were on a ground of different levels, with soft hills. Here and there was the ground was revolved - a sign that wild boars had walked around seraching for food. Luckily they can easily find lots of mushrooms when the night falls. If I was eye in eye with a sanglier I think I would grab son under my left arm and daughter under righ one and climb a tree within some seconds- so high as possible.

Next, the Grand Cafe at the Speulderbos. I guess the photos tell all, therefore - not much text here.
On the way to the restaurant there was an exposition with awesome photos (nature & landscape) from Arjan Bronkhorst. I love the rendeers and reeboks- they look straight at you.
The Grand Cafe. Very friendly service & a warm sphere, with heavy red curtains and a much too dark bar. Hubby and I decided to go for Spanish tapas at 27,50 euros per person, with starters main tapas and dessert. Above: the plate is a combination of tapas for two persons: manchego cheese, serrano ham, chorizo, salami, onion rings, bell peppers stuffed with crab salad, gambas and chili cheese nuggets. I found it really yummy but too little for two. Excellent presentation, super delish. Oh, the tapenade was saaaaalty !
And then our main course of tapas. The tortilla was not an omelette with potatoes, it was rather a Dutch version: thin lays of potatoe slices, grilled on the top. The chicken could be spicier too. Fish (rougetfilet with tomatoes compote) great ! Mushies with garlic: I have had better ones at the Sal Gorda in Amsterdam. Salad: regular. Funny is that I didn't mention anything at all while dining and then later in that evening husband mentioned exactly what I stated above: "chicken - could be spicier and the eggs were missing in the so called tortilla. Fish was sooo good; mushies were regular". I guess he is becoming a specialist in how great tapas should taste. Honestly, I have found 27,50 euros per person an expensive price.
In laws asked a salad with fish to start.

Above, main course. My in-laws went vegan.

My sister-in-law apple strudel: excellent.
My crema catalana: excellent. It was too much, I gave the half of it to my son .

For the kids.

On Staurday Cadillac owners were attending a meeting at the hotel. I have never seen so many old Cadillacs together in my life !

Well, the following day you know already: we visited the Sand Sculptures exposition on Saturday (see previous post) and then later half of the family went to the bar while the other half to the swimming pool. I grabbed a bottle of wine I had in my suitcase and stayed in my room reading magazines, National Geographic, Residence and HP De Tijd - "heerlijk is dat !", as the cloggies say.  Kids and hubby free, wonderful.
Now , the dinner at the with French-style restaurant at the Speulderbos.

The starter: a salad with salm, two shrimps and a mayonnaise/mandarine sauce. Everything tasted too bland to me.
Main course: deer with read fruit sauce, mash potato with white kale and an apple with cream.  Not very creative but very nice anyway, everything warm and all tastes matched very well.  The waiter had brought our plates before we had chosen the wine - but remained friendly, took our order, brought the wine for approval and then later the dishes again.
The grand dessert, a selection of well known items from Dutch patisserie. My fave is the far left glass with pineapple in syrup topped by a bavaroise.

The kids had chicken satay with fries and for dessert they were invited to visit the kitchen and help themselves with ice-cream and macarons. I took the opportunity to escort them so that I could take more pics and say hello to the chef.
Super friendly service.
This blog girl with her little chef.

Het Speulderbos Garderen
29th & 30th Oct. 2010
Chef: Ugi Stanisic
Minimum menu price: €27.50
Average menu price: €40.00
House wine per bottle: €27.50
House wine per glass: €4.50
Kitchen: European / Mediterranean / Spanish / French

For more info (in English) photos and a video of the Bilderberg Het Speulderbos (in English) click here.
See you on the next post, with monkeys and more delish dishes !


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Toda essa programação me pareceu muito saudavel e divertida...

Leila Zimmermann

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I loved the photo that shows your girl walking in the woods. Seems she's a fairy from a fairy tale :)

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