Friday, October 8, 2010

Texel, Netherlands

Tip for a sunny dry weekend in the Netherlands: visit Texel (it is pronounced as Tessel). Texel is the largest of all Dutch islands - Waddeneilanden.  Leaving by boat (ferry) from Den Helder you can reach the village of Den Burg in twenty minutes.  Den Burg is quite busy with tourists, and you can find there traditional shops and the usual Dutch shops you find in the rest of the country.

Above, traditional candy shop in Den Burg: The Sweet Sugarball.
Unfortunatelly, it is forbidden to take pictures inside.
Above and below, Den Burg.

After visiting Den Burg we drove to tht north, to the village of De Cocksdorp. We had reserved a brown bungalow for six people in a vacationpark called De Krim. There are lots of facilities there: swimming pool (indoor and outdoor), sauna, bowling, restaurants, a small supermarket, a souvenir shop near the reception ... The bungalows/houses are free standing, completely equipped and with all comforts. You can look for more info at
Below: decorative windmill, De Cocksdorp.

Below, lighthouse nearby De Cocksdorp.
The following day my father-in-law decided to visit an exposition of old tractors. It does not appeal that much to me but the boys of the family were quite excited about it. "Boys will be boys..."

There are two Jutters Museum in the island.  I think you can translate "jutter" into "wreckage, debris" in English. The first one  Jutters Flora Museum had a lot of huge pieces exposed outside. We decided to go for the second in the village of OudeSchild and give it a try.  It is called Maritiem & Jutters Museum and you can visit   for more photos and info.


The next series of pics below are the interiors of old fishermen' houses.

There is a barn /silo with lots of wreckage and rubble from the shores. Confusing but funny.

Texel offers a lot of  varied landscapes and there is a lot to do and visit. Sheeps are everywhere and Texel lamb is a specialty you cannot forget to try. The best organic meat has the label "Goenga", and this first quality produce is available at most restaurants in the island of Texel. Other famous products are the beauty creams made of wool fat (wolvet/lan olie /lanoline) from Noord Kroon: hair conditioners, creams for your face, hands and feet. Really good !
I have three posts about another Dutch island: Terschelling. Click on "blog search" on the right side of this page to access the posts. Terschelling has canals, dunes, and is poshier and further than Texel, and  you have to rent a bike in order to circulate around the island. Which one I prefer ? Both.


Presépio no Canal said...

So, you manage to go to Texel ( I remember you saying in my post that you want to go there). Que bom! ;-)
I like your pics about the fishermans houses.
So cute! Thanks for sharing!
Have a nice weekend, Ana!

mub said...

I really liked Texel when we visited a couple years ago. We went in November though and it was SO foggy! Next time I go I'd like to be able to see more than 3 feet in front of my face *L*

I didn't realize there were two jutters museums. We just went to the one with the giant orange rescue pod outside!

Orangesplaash said...

Seems to be a nice place..goes on my to-visit list. Thanks for sharing Anita!

Anita said...

Yes, I have been there after the summer. Mub: I think there is also a third (or maybe more) jutters museum. Orangesplaash: it is a "must visit" place.

Jaboticaba Preta said...

Lovely pictures. I still want to go there as well.

Vivian said...

Anita, essa viagem deve ser maravilhosa !!! os lugares parecem sair de cenas de filmes !!
boa semana

la petite lulu said...

Nice photos of the old houses - Texel looks like a great place for a holiday, I can't wait to visit there! After going to Ameland a couple of months ago, I'm keen to see the rest of the islands - I think I'll have to put Texel at the top of the to-do list now!

Anita said...

Vivian: e tudo original, nao tem nada a la Disney nao !
Lulu: doe maar !

Lu_Russa said...

Oi Anita !

Então, respondendo ao seu comment no meu blog...

Anastacia , apesar de ser uma cantora norte americana, nunca implacou de verdade nos USA. A sucesso dela se deve ao público Europeu e Asiático, sobretudo o Leste Europeu,onde ela é uma Rainha da música pop.Muitos americanos nem sabem quem ela é.

bjos !