Thursday, October 21, 2010

Repurposing objects

Urn as a sink.
(I have snatched this photo a long time ago from a French website. If somebody knows who the author of this image is please just let me know and I shall give the credits here). Gorgeous ! However, I wonder whether it is possible to easily clean the bottom of it.  
Above and below: downtown Zaandam, metal trash bins were upgraded to flower vases.

Above, spotted in a restaurant in a place in Perigueux this summer: a pot that was formely used to preserve pate'  is now used as a serving bowl for a dame blanche dessert. My husband asked me whether I was going to serve desserts to guests in such pots from now on. I prefer to use it for butter.

Above: one of the rooms at a hotel in Milan. All rooms have this graphic of a female face a la Sophia Loren on the walls - and paper bins. I asked the manager whether I could buy one and he ofered it to me as exchange for some translation work. Below: an ex-paper bin transformed in socks bin now graces my bedroom.

The tea box above is a Jan Des Bouvries concept for... tea bags (how original). I bought it at Douwe Egberts shop using lots and lots of D.E. coffee package stamps - plus adding some money. But why keeping 9 different types of tea flavours when I use only two ? And during parties my guests prefer coffee. Thus... from tea box to bijoux box. I like to wear big bold jewelry, and this big box suits perfectly my storage needs.

No gas ? No problem ! Just grab an iron and grill some sausages on it (on chicken, or beef...). Medium, no wrinkles please. (Image snatched from the hillarious Brazilian food blog "Rainhas do Lar"). Hahahaha !!
On a previous post I  published under the label "gardens" you can check more objects serving for a purpose different from what they orginally were made for. 

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