Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lack of Space # 4

A small part of our attic serves as laundrette/storage/ironing space. It is quite a sunny and ventilated room - so I decided to grow some herbs and fat plants/cactuses there. It is no point placing photos/books or decorative objects near the window because the sunlight would fade and change the colour of such objects.
This is really a Dutch trait. Small sunny areas inside home (which would be neglected by most people) the Dutch see as potential place for flowers and poted plants.  Like that, I have always fresh chives available, the whole year (pot in the middle).
A week ago I have spotted in a flower shop such weird plants. They look like chili peppers and come in red, orange, yellow or light purple colours. I have asked the florist whether they were edible. She gave me a serious look but I was also looking at her damn seriously. "I wouldn't do that", she replied. She also had no clue how to take care of them, cause they are a new arrival in flower shops.  I have noticed they are becoming dry and fainting a bit. I want them big, bright and strong !
Does anyone know something about the chili-like plant above ?
Is it edible ? Help !


Efrutik said...

No clue about that plant? In Ethiopian cuisine though it would have been eaten a long time ago....but I mean it does look like peppers though.

So is it customary to have a laundry place in the attic in Dutch homes?

Anita said...

They look like peppers but maybe are not for consumption.
Yes, some people place the washing mchine/dryer in a corner in the attic. Others in a garage. But I have seen some in the bathrooms and believe it or not - even in kitchens.

Presépio no Canal said...

I like to put some plants and flowers nearby the window too! ;-)
But I don't know how I can help you whith those...
Mas que ficou um lindo vaso, la isso ficou ;-)

Efrutik said...

Hahahhaha Anita I don't know what is more odd the laundry room in a bathroom or an attic. IF it is the kind of attic that we have in our house then I'd rather not do laundry at all. Mind you I am talking about the most unstable pull out staircase which leads to the attic. And even worse the temperature in the attic is equivalent to a sauna in the summer time that of an arctic. So yep it's a torture and I am not even exaggerating.

See in U.S. I have seen the laundry room in a kitchen, directly underneath a cooking counter. Odd I know. But to think of it our laundry room is also in the kitchen! The only thing is that the "laundry room" is directly adjacent to the kitchen so if it wasn't for a door and a wall our washing machines would have been right behind the stove. Weird I know, I didn't even really realize all this until your response.

Anita said...

In an ideal world everybody would have a "bijkeuken": a room adjacent to the kitchen where you could have food storage, washing machine/dryer, etc. In Brazil it is standard that near the kitchen a big sink exists (to wash your shoes, small clothes, etc.) plus the machines. You also hang your clothes there. It is called "service area". It is unthinkable an apartment without such area. Even studios or kitchenettes have them.

donkey and the carrot said...

How cute is this window...! And what a view! (HOLLAND HOLLAND HOLLAND!) I like your herbs pots!

Anita said...

Geller: thanks for passing by !
I LOVE your blog !

linda@adventuresinexpatland.com said...

Our washer/dryer is in a closet on the 3rd floor (tweede verdieping) so it's up and down two flights of stairs when doing loads. (No wonder I'm always behind...)

My Dutch neighbor uses a tiny room on the same level (2nd verdieping) as her ironing room, too!