Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Dutch Pie (Torta Holandesa)

Photo above: Cozinha Nestle'.

Receita em portugues aqui, no blog da Vivian. Se der errado, reclamar com ela. Se der certo, agradece-la. Grata Vivian ! Para fazer a receita da foto acima visite o site da Nestle' aqui.   

In English scroll down.

This is a cold pie, very popular in Brazil (they call it  "a Dutch pie")  and very easy to prepare.

200g of Maizena or Maria cookies crushed in a food processor
100g margarine, cold

Mix the finely crumbled cookies with the margarine and spread on the bottom of a 24cm mold (with a removable side). Insert in a preheated oven for about 8 minutes. Take it out of the oven and let it cool off.

250 g unsalted butter
2 cups of sugar
4 egg yolks
vanille essence 
2 cups of creme fraiche, very cold

Chocolate cookies (I have used too thick ones, it is better to use thin ones)

Mix very well all ingredients, except the creme fraiche, until you get a light yellow/white cream. Add the creme fraiche and mix delicately. Set it apart.
Check whether the cookie base is not warm anymore. Distribute the chocolate cookies around and add the cream.
TOPPING (Ganache):

200g chocolate, melted (I used a 100g bar of half bitter and a 100g bar of milk chocolate)
1 cup creme fraiche

Mix creme fraiche to melted chocolate. Pour on the pie and spread it. Take it to the fridge. Before serving it, remove the pie from the mold. Add some red fruit on the top (optional).
Average amount of calories per slice:  one million.
Adhesive tape to cover the lips:  not available.
Someone to blame to:  not found.
Self control:  aborted operation.
Diet:  fail.


Ladybird... and butterfly said...

Oh my ********* That looks so good!! I might try that one day :D

It looks so awesome, must taste amazing as well? ;P
And they call that a "dutch pie"? That's so funny!

Anita said...

Ladybird: it is inspired in Dutch pies with a biscuit bottom, cream and ganache or jam on the top, and chocolate cookies on the side. There is a Dutch community in the countrysdie of the state of Sao Paulo since the 50's (post war) which is growing non stop and attracting lots of tourists for its flowers, landscape and gastronomy. Google "Holambra" (HOLland-AMerica-BRAzil) if you want to know more about it.

Pri Fernandes said...

Se é gostosa não sei, mas que é linda e encantou meus olhos posso garantir kkk!


Anita said...

Pri: Deeeelish !

Vivian said...

kkkkkk, Anita, por favor, que ninguém venha reclamar comigo rs.
Adorei esse biscoitao que vc usou ao redor, deve ser muiiiiiito gostoso, estou aqui salivando de vontade de provar os biscoitos. Eles sao inteiros de chocolate ou dentro tem base de bolacha?
Ah, posso postar no meu blog a sua foto?

Anita said...

Vivian, usei um biscoito waffer. com camadinhas de caramelo e massa entremeados. Mas acho que fica melhor com biscoitos fininhos. Olha, holandeses da minha vila estao embevecidos e deslumbrados com essa torta e me param para me perguntar se essa receita existe mesmo no Brasil.
P.S.: Mana de blog, posta o que quiser !!