Saturday, October 2, 2010

Açaí: Smothie & Juice

Above: I hold a glass of açaí juice from a carton, bought in Holland. It looks dark red/brown but not exactly purple, and there is some reminiscent taste of açaí  in it. Refreshing for sure. But the real thing ?

Today I decided to to make some smoothies using some bananas and blackberries. And then I found in the fridge this juice my husband loves: açaí blended with red fruits. Above you see the photo of it. I decided to "correct" the colour adding more blackberries for me (small glass on the photo below). Deeeeelish ! But yeah: then the açaí taste was almost gone.

I think this carton with açaí juice we buy in Dutch supermarkets is not the real açaí juice - it is more an adapted and diluted drink version to suit European tastes. Only 5% of the total amount of ingredients is açaí pulp which is mixed with apple concentrate, black berries, red grapes and other fuits. If you have never tasted açaí before, then you will probably like this juice from a carton. If you have tasted an açaí smothie in Brazil then you know you are not drinking the real thing.

On the  video below you can see how a kiosk vendor prepares the açaí smoothie in a bowl. Some people like it with granola or/and banana - which I dispense. I like it thick and sandy and so dark and cold possible: "petrol" like ! There are many ways of serving and enjoying it.
And you, while living/travelling abroad... have you ever tasted anything that seemed different from the original product back home ?


Carla Adriana said...


Tudo muito legal , belas imagens ....mas ecaaaaaaaaaaa, êta troço ruim.Prefiro Guaraná ou àgua de Côco!

A Touch of Dutch said...

You'll have to show the Dutch how it's done right! I've heard a lot of good things about açaí. As far as tasting things abroad that I used to be familiar with, there are many substitutes... but mostly, just like you shared about the açaí juice, usually they don't come close enough.

Anita said...

Carla, vc e' mesmo uma enjoadinha pra frutas e legumes, por isso que vive "presa".
Isabella: This juice from a carton suits the Dutch taste buds quite well. However, it is not a Brazilian drink.

Aledys Ver said...

The diluted taste is not sth that happens exclusively to açaí juice - if you read the labels of many of the juice brands at the supermarket, you'll see that apple juice has a lot of chemical citroen in it, the same goes for red fruit juice, etc! They have very little of what the carton says and lots of other stuff!
The smoothies look delicious indeed!

Anita said...

Aledys: apple concentrate is indeed in almost every boxed juice in the NL, I guess it is their favourite fruit. At least the teachers at my kids' school said so. Appelpuree, appelmousse with nootmuscat... bleargh !