Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Sambô

vandaag: today / hoje
maandag: Monday / segunda-feira
dinsdag: Tuesday / terca-feira
woensdag: wednesday / quarta-feira
donderdag:Thursday / quinta-feira
vrijdag: Friday / sexta-feira
zaterdag: Saturday / sabado
zondag: Sunday / domingo

In Dutch, the days of the week are not capitalized.
If you know English, it is quite easy learning the days of the week in Dutch, isn't it ?

A Bloody Sunday in festive samba rhytm.
You like it ? Dislike it ?
And Brazilians canibalize everything. Any rhythm (heavy metal, rock'n'roll, classic, religious mantras) can end up in samba.

Een prettige Zondag aan iederen ! Bom domingo !


Beth Blue said...

Só passei pra agradecer seu comentário...respondi lá no post mesmo ;-)

Nicole said...

Brilliant! I was at a Brazilian party on Saturday night and spent Sunday looking for "real" samba music, so your post was strangely timely ...

It's interesting to know that not only do others have a take on the Brazilian sound (badly, depending on who you talk to), but Brazilians are also happy to play around with foreign songs.

My samba is slowly improving -- I might have to blame zumba classes :S Never thought that would be a skill I would learn in the Netherlands!

Anita said...

Oi Nicole !
Exactly, if the gringos play around and distort Brazilian sounds (there are hundreds of versions for Girl from Ipanema) why can't the opposite be good ?
Thanks for passing by, obrigada!