Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sail 2010 - Part I

Father: "Sail 2010 starts on Thursday. Why don't you go there with the kids ?"
Mother: "Isn't it too busy for small kids. Crazy crowds ?"
Father: "Umm... it is okay actually."
Mother: "We'll see tomorrow..."

Sail 2010 opened today on and around the IJ river with a tall ships parade. An impressive fleet from all over the world: tall ships from Indonesia, Italy, Poland, England, Oman, Portugal, Russia, Norway, Germany...  I could enjoy it from a bridge in Zaandam with the kids for the first time in my life (this event happens at evey 5 year interval).The event was very well organized - easy access, toilets facilities everywhere, police, ambulance - and lots of helicopters were filming it for the TV. More than 500 "sailing heritage ships". A very relaxed atmosphere to share with kids and perfect for taking photographs.  The weather was sometimes gray, sometimes the sun was shinning through the clouds... a typical glorious Dutch sky from XVIII century paintings !
For more info and absolutely amazing pics check here (in English).
Sail 2010 lasts up to Monday 23rd August.

(to be continued...)


Bailandesa said...

Adorei seu cantinho também. Estou pensando em ir no Ams Sail. Achoq ue deve ser uma bela festa. Ótimo pra tirar fotos.

Beth Blue said...

Estou indo hoje à tarde com o Liam! Ele foi no Sail 5 anos atrás quanto tinha 5 anos e adorou! Agora está com 10 anos (o tempo voa) e acho que ainda vai curtir muito.


Jane Murback said...

Nossa, deve ter sido lindo mesmo.
Essa semana um amigo morreu de elogiar a Holanda, advinha de quem eu lembrei?
Outra coisa, suas fotos estão cada vez melhores.

Invader_Stu said...

From all the photos I have seen I really wish I had gone.