Monday, July 12, 2010

The Octopus Was Right Again !

Octopus Paul is indeed smashing ! Spain won the World Cup, just as it had predicted. Here on the video you see the moment when goal keeper Iker Casillas gets emotional and kisses TV reporter (and his girlfriend) Sara Carbonero.

Iker: "I dedicate this to the people that has always supported me, my parents, my brother..."(his voice starts to crack)

Sara: It's ok. Let's talk about the match..."

Iker: "No"

Sara: "No?"

Iker: "I'd rather kiss you." (he kisses her and says goodbye)

Sara: Dear me. (**blush**) Well. We shall continue it later J., ok ?"


Invader_Stu said...

We need to harvest that Octopus's skills for good. Think of how he could guide us to a better future for all of man kind.

Anita said...

Indeed. The biggest tragedy is that he is going to be dead soon.

Assim sou eu said...

kkkkk esse goleiro sofreu no inicio. E viva o octopus kkkkk

Anita said...

E viva a Espanha !

Efrutik said...

Yes Anita wrote about the Octopus and he is smashing indeed. I wonder if it is possible to contact there like a fee to ask him a question, lol ?

And the video. A friend of mine posted it on facebook. That is so touching and very genuine. Love is beaituful when it is real :)

Congrats Spain!