Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Lazy Sunday (Een Luie Zondag)

Today I am coming from an afternoon of laughing, barbecueing and many glasses of wine at a friends'. And now all I want to faint down in bed - therefore this is going to be a quick, light post. On the photo above you see our hostess, Ilse. The last years she has been very inspired and enthousiastic about cooking. She has really done great accomplishments.

I hope in the future Ilse and Rene will pay a visit to Brazil and check some churrascarias there. Do not take me wrong: I actually do like the concept of barbecue the way it is made in Europe (but no chicken satay with peanut sauce for me, thank you. I am exhausted of it). I am very open to new tastes and habits.
It was a lovely afternoon with good bread, excellent rose wines, and very well marinated meat.

Ummm... shrimps marinated in sesame oil, oysters sauce, garlic, lemmon, parsley and more. This tasted oriental, mediterranean and also Brazilian !

They have a huge backyard, probably eight to ten times bigger than mine. A pond with fish and a mega inflatable swimming pool for the kids which became quickly so dirty with grass, flowers, mud, leaves and polen to the point it looked like a giant vegetable soup.

And of course if you have a big backyard and kids then you consider having some rabbits to be cuddled. Until last year Flappie had a companion - which unfortunately died. Awwww...

Actually his cage is very spacious, almost a deluxe suite.

Here is Flappie.
And above is his own toy made of plush so that Flappie can have something to play with and lick. Since his companion died he plays wild against new candidates. So for now Flappie will be alone.

That's my shaddow and with this pic we come to the end of this post. Hey, I had told you it was going to be a quick, frivolous post, right ? Have you all a wonderful week !


Assim sou eu said...

Hi dear, the photo's I made from Middelburg were not nice enough to be posted.

Is the 7th photo from a swimming-pool? :o It looks like those garden-lakes

And a final word...I MISS our Brazilian barbecue :D

Aledys Ver said...

Very delicious looking bbq, Anita!! GLad you had such fun! That backyard looks great! And Flappy (hope not the Flappy from the song?) looks very cute!!

Anita said...

Jabo: Oh no ! it is just a pond where they have cute golden fish. The swimming pool is not on the post. I do miss Brazilian barbecues, I even dream about.

~ Lopa said...

Wow that's a big backyard, definitely !
You must have had a great time.
Ohh i would have liked to see that swimming pool too.

Nice pics :)

Mariangela Buchala said...

everything looks great! beijos

Invader_Stu said...

That rabbit is so cute :)

PinayinDutchland said...

Barbecue's are friends' must do here in the Netherlands. Especially if the weather is nice. Grilled shrimps are the best!