Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brasil 2014

I wonder whether I will travel to Brazil in order to watch at least one of the matches during the World Cup in 2014. I would like to check in locu how things work, in a country with continental dimensions (5th biggest in the world by geographical size) and deep differences. Everything for the big party in 2014 is behind schedules, and the task is monumental. New airports need to be built from the ground, as well as more roads, more highways, more metro lines, more hotels. Very, very worrisome.

Or maybe not.

"Despite all the earlier setbacks preparing for 2014, Brazil has $239mn accumulated in reserves and its development bank is one of the world's wealthiest. By nearly all estimates, the middle class has grown, and poverty fallen to record levels in the past few years.
Brazil has arrived on the world stage and will likely never look back at the old days when it was considered a developing power underachiever". (excerpt from Gabriel Elizondo's article for Al-Jazeera, 12th July 2010)

Above: Beira-Rio stadium in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.

I have been into a football match in Arena, Amsterdam,  many years ago (I had gotten free tickets) and was impressed with this state-of-art stadium. I found the supporters relaxed and everything very organized. Another world. I actually got surprised that women were there (I normally wouldn't dare to go to the Maracana to watch a match due to the enormous frenesi and the supporters' wildness). Well, I will be following the news about the organization of the Cup 2014 during the next years and hearing to the gossips from my friends. June/July is winter in Brazil - still sunny but cooler. Delicious. Brasil does deserves a positive, international projection. My fingers are crossed and I I hope in 2014 my thumbs will be up !
(Check the Fifa WC 2014 logo going here. Famous Brazilians such as Paulo Coelho, Gisele Bundchen, Oscar Niemeyer and Ivete Sangalo explain why they chose it. Detail: no designers among the jury... Mmmm... Well, for a video about the stadia go here. )


Liana said...

me also. ive already thought about it a million times: will i go to brazil for the world cup?
guess we still have time to make up our minds :)

Anita said...

Well, because the world as we know it comes to an end in Dec. 2012 I guess I will be in Brasil in July of that year. Two years later seems a good interval to visit the country again. Who knows ?

Aledys Ver said...

I think that every country that has hosted the WC or the Olympics have been almost on the brink of not complying with ANY of the requirements when it comes to infrastructure to host the games, event, etc...
No matter what, it is for sure that the atmosphere of the WC there won't compare to nothing seen in the last "versions" of the WC - not Italy, not France and not SA... It will be unforgettable!!
And we will win this time! (I'm not saying who is "we" haha - just kidding)

Invader_Stu said...

It's amazing the amount of work that has to go into hosting a month of kicking a ball around.