Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amsterdam Scenes

I did a test in the site "Normaal" before visiting this exposition in the beginning of the year. My result ? "Sorry. You have got only 33% of normality. Or maybe... congratulations ?" Is that good or bad ?
I would never ever leave my beautiful bike on the streets of Amsterdam.
These elephants were here in this blog before, remember ?
This firm has bought two of them.
De Blauwbrug, detail. The most beautiful bridge of Amsterdam in my opinion. I have made the pics above when I visited La Rive, one of my first posts in this blog.

My father is a big collector of cartoons & comic strips. Since very little I was exposed to awesome European and American classic production, graphic novels and big post war albums. The Spirit, Valentina, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, Prince Valiant and many many others have had a huge impact in my popculture formation. When I saw this entree, I couldn't resist and registered it. Old and modern mix very well in this city. The crazy and the conventional as well.

Pleasure Island is today.
I picked up my basket of photos and examined the content. And then I have just decided to feature here some of my last shots in de Mokkum. This post is a declaration of love to Amsterdam. Oh, and to wish you a nice weekend as well. Yep, all the photos here are for you. Because I blog only for your eyes.
And for your eyes only.


Anonymous said...

It's not 'de blauwe brug'. That one is near the Stopera and is in my opinion more beautiful than 'de Hogesluis', which is on your pictures (located near the Amstel Hotel).
For information about all bridges, check:


Anita said...

Willem, always alert.
I have checked my pictures with the ones in a guide about de Blauwbrug. They look the same.

Invader_Stu said...

I was wondering where some of those elephants went

Anita said...

Willem: I surrender, it is the Hogesluis. Keep alert.
Stu: They are generally bought by corporations, hotels, shops. Some of the elephants, not all of them. Gee, it makes me wonder...

Aledys Ver said...

Beautiful shots!!!