Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This morning I have already voted. Back home I checked a link to El Periodico that a Spanish acquaintance of mine had posted on his FB page stating that Dutch voters have never been so unsure about making choices. After talking to some other moms and relatives that's exactly how I feel.

Something suprises me: it is not an electronic vote anymore. In Brazil it is - people living in far distant places in the countryside have to travel in order to vote (it's obligatory) and the result is known very quickly. Here I presented my passport, got a large paper at the location to vote (with a red pencil) and deposited it in a box. Incredible because in this country everything is done electronically: public transport operate with a chip card system, you do exams (driver's licenses, courses, etc.) via computer. But not the elections.

Because my in laws are vacationing we have received their papers (De Telegraaf). This paper has one the most horrible layouts I have ever seen in my entire life, bah ! But being an avid reader I try to ignore the nightmarish layout with a mish mash of family/type letters and I started to follow Joran van der Sloot's last news. I do not know anything about international agreements in this case but I hope this psycho will rotten the next decades in a Peruvian prison. If he comes to Holland I bet he will have a prison or TBS clinic that is a comfy apartment, with a flat screen TV where he can watch teen porn, enjoy occasional sunbaths, check the net, go to the gym, go under psychological treatment and when released from prison for good behaviour before completing 35 years he will kill another girl. Just like many other dangerous TBSers released from the "jail".

The creepiest of all, reminded to me by a fellow blogger, is that Joran killed Stephany Flores exactly 5 years to the day after Natalee Holloway's disappearance: the 30th May.

Theo Maassen in a great role.


Beth Blue said...

I just hope you voted well ;-)
Specially because I can´t vote - I don´t have a Dutch passport yet despite my 16 yrs. in Holland!!! (eigen schuld, dikke bult, I am entitled to one but I didn´t bother yet).

And I don´t hope Joran rottens in a Peruvian jail, I hope he gets killed in there!!! (which happens very often).


Aledys Ver said...

Well, after answering to your comment on FB about the lack of electronic machines in NL to vote, I have been reading old news articles about this, because I remember seeing the machines in the first elections I witnessed living in NL. Apparently in 2007 they decided to do away with the stemmachine because they saw that they were not too reliable and susceptible to fraud because a commission proved that they could be hacked.
Go figure...

Aledys Ver said...

I forgot to comment on the Joran case: Indeed: life in jail in PerĂº is going to be quite an experience for this creep! Let's see if his lawyers manage to get him back in Holland, though. I wouldn't be surprised...

Anita said...

The Dutch legal system cracks up my mind. And the judges are softies.