Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I woke up very early, suffering from puffy eyes (hay fever), with the noise of my kids. The four of us are similar to fried shrimps after yesterday sun and every one's backs hurt a bit. After fixing breakfast for my 245 kids I put my fitness clothes on and had a very healthy breakfast (rolled oats cooked in milk, with yogurt and linen seeds. Actually I would love a very greasy and sugary breakfast today, hotel like. Kind of: scrambled eggs, butter, brie, smoked salm, sausages, croissants, jam. Duh ! -Keep dreaming). Ready to leave to the gym - yes, it IS open on Sundays - my husband came down and asked me: "Where are you going ? Why are you dressed like that ? We should leave this morning to the Aviodrome, right ?" Dammit ! Sport shoes and clothes out, jeans/top and sandals on... off to Lelystad !

Because I think most people who read my blog do not have kids I will be brief. The park is huge ! We were greeted at the entrance hall of the theme park by retired pilots whom collected our tickets and guide some small groups. After taking a lift, ooops I mean: time machine, we can admire indoors lots of historical airplanes and war documentation. At noon we rushed to a 4D theater room were there was a lovely short film named "I Can Fly". Really cool, with a lot of time travel going to the future and back to different epochs in the past - and a pinch of romance.

Searching for more info about the film in the Aviodrome site I've learned that the main character is played by lekker ding Mark van Eeuwen who seems to be well know in Holland for he works at a soap called "Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden" - or just GTST. I have never watched one chapter of it but it seems to be an extremely popular soap in Holland.

Does this type of glasses fit well my face shape ?

Outside you can take part on fly simulations, visit a Boeing, some cockpits, and a replica of Schiphol airport as it was in the 60's. Aviodrome is great fun for kids who are interested in machinery, motors, airports. (Sometimes I think the reason my husband drags us to this kind of attraction is because he has great fun himself in the first place, visiting cockpits, taking part in flight simulations to the Moon, etc.. "Boys will be boys..."). Anyway, because my son wants to be a diver AND a pilot, it was cool experience for him. Well, he also wanted to become a Spider Man as a third profession, but has dropped this idea a couple of years ago. Thus: a pilot and a diver he shall be !


Carla Adriana said...

Amiga, que passeio interessante ! Temos aqui um museu Aeroespacial ,mas não tem simuladores e cinemas em 3d .As cris devem ter adorado !

Aledys Ver said...

Oh Anita, you made me feel guilty! I had one of those breakfasts yesterday morning!! :o) And I was regretting it in the evening!! :o)
Your outing sounds like a lot of fun, and not just for kids to be sure!! A family day well spent!

Jaboticaba Preta said...

how much was the ticket? It seems a nice place to take the kids (older than 7)

Anita said...

Jabo: da uma olhada no site para saber os precos. Tinhamos tiquetes de desconto e so pagamos um extra pelo filme em 4D.Quando jaboticabinha crescer mais vale a pena ir la. Ou entao com criancas vindo do Brasil visitar vc na Holanda ?