Thursday, May 6, 2010

Invading Ladybird and Stu's Kitchen

Hmmm, I love spying other people's homes. Today we give a peek at the kitchen of two fellow bloggers from Rotterdam: Ladybird and Stu. She tells us about her present kitchen (they are selling their appartment) her dream kitchen, and her patisserie creations as well.

"I used to use my kitchen almost every evening. Cooking for my boyfriend, family and friends. Baking ofcourse! But now with my new job I'm not always home on time in the evenings, so now I find Stu in the kitchen cooking for me...or the kitchen is abandoned for an evening. The kitchen isn't big enough to actually sit down with people in it, but my friends always end up leaning against the door post while I am cooking or baking. We chat till dinner is ready :D The kitchen used to be yellow.... I decided to put the apple green on the wall. I love it! I love colors. We might use this color again in our new kitchen... who knows!

I wish the washingmachine and dryer could be elsewhere... but the apartment is not big enough to put them somewhere else! So in our new house it would be lovely if it's not in the kitchen!

The balcony is not attached to the kitchen, but on summer evenings it's great to sit there and eat and drink a glass of wine. So I don't mind walking over there.

My dream kitchen has a great oven (for my cakes) a nice big fridge. (Apple) color on the walls. A nice big table where I can sit with my family and friends for eating. It will be nice if this kitchen is open, so while cooking people can already sit down and we can keep on chatting while drinking a glass of wine. I would like a big stove so I can cook a lot of things at the same time :D
We'll have to see if we can find such a place hahaha! "

All the photos and the amazing pastries on this post are from Ladybird. Wow ! Thanks so much for sharing with us your home, your talent and your wishes !
Special thanks to Stu who courteously made the cartoon opening this post. You are such creative guys !

Nesse post um casalzinho muito criativo e gracinha mostra a cozinha de paredes verdes do apartamento deles em Roterdã. (Reparem que na Holanda não existe área de serviço, por isso a máquina de lavar roupa e secadora às vezes ficam na cozinha, às vezes no banheiro ou no sotão. O azulejo quase nunca vai até o teto.). Ela tem como hobby confeccionar tortas lindissímas ! Ambos são blogueiros também, e estão vendendo esse apartamento e procurando por outro. Espero que todos seus desejos se realizem !


~ Lopa said...

wow.... i love the color, balcony and ofcourse those amazing pastries !

I wish i can put color like that in my kitchen but someone won't agree and i wish i can bake like that !

Invader_Stu said...

And the great thing is I get to try out all the cakes :)

thanks for posting about our kitchen Anita :)

mub said...

Those cakes are awesome!

You have to go through the bedroom here to get to the balcony and I'm always worried I'm going to spill dinner in the bed as I'm passing by (yeah, I'm just that clumsy haha). Luckily it hasn't happened yet!

Sarah said...

Wow, your cakes are amazing! Where do you get the icing and colouring from? I just heard someone comment that they had to pay 15 euros for icing - mad!
Love the apple green, too;-)

VallyP said...

And her cakes taste as good as they look. I'm speaking as one who's had the privilege to eat them too. You are right Anita, they are both immensely creative! And very very nice people too!

oranjeflamingo said...

I love that color of green with all the white in the kitchen. I had a kitchen like that a few houses ago and would love to be able to do it again someday! Good luck with the kitchen (and house) hunt!

Jaboticaba Preta said...

where do they live?

Orangesplaash said...

Lovely colors..I have just done my new house and I can totally relate to this post. Like Lopa, I wish I could bake like that too :) Though I am trying my hand at it and have got a couple of cook books to help me with it :)

American Cloggie said...

Stunning cakes and cupcakes! Just amazing. One very artistic chef (I can only imagine how superb it all must taste - so jealous, Stu!). Huge fan of the colors, huge fan of the kitchen!

Ladybird... and butterfly said...

Wow! Thank you all for saying those great things! I'm getting a bit shy here... :D
Our next house will be in Haarlem... and I'm so looking forward to have a bigger kitchen with a great big oven! The oven I'm using right now is not big enough :D And if possible there has to be color on the walls again! Thanks all for responding and most of all thank you for posting this Anita! I feel so honored! xx