Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Search: A Garden With Character

Sometimes when I walk around in my village I have the impression some people like to make from their tiny gardens a sort of hommage to amusement parks. People display a statue of Venus de Milo surrounded by seven dwarves, lots of moles, ducks and gnomes, ladybugs and horns, you name it.
On the next photos, a very popular theme: windmills.

I am not so sure whether I like such horns or not. I am not sure of its symbolism or whether it gives a pleasant impression. However, the garden where it is situated is very beautiful.
Photos above and below were made in Zaandam. The flowers are fake (plastic) and are adorning the entrance wall of this house during the four seasons. Clogs - together with windmills and bikes - are another faves for a garden. Soooo cliche ! Flowers on the wall can be a good substitute for the absence of a garden.

Pretty table huh ? The legs are in iron, the table top is made of stone. Another good option when you do not have space enough for a garden.

After the windmills, bikes get a good second place in popularity. I will upadate this post later with more bikes.

Above and the next photos: maybe the most interesting objects in a garden: those which are re-purposed and recycled.

We had a baby bathtub just like this one pictured above.
I do not know the original purpose of this copper pipe, but certainly it was not a vase for flowers. It is pretty, though.
I love this one above, I have already published here last year.
What is this ? A well ? Made of... tin ???
Above (2009) and the same object in a 2010 version below.
Wagons are always gorgeous !

2009 (above) and 2010 (below)

Has anybody a spare sink to give me ? Or an old stove, a beaten cupboard, a vintage suitcase ? An old bike, a toilet pot, a mailbox or a canoe (a kayak will also do) ? Any interesting piece of a ruin from a castle, church/cathedral ? THIS IS SERIOUS I AM NOT JOKING. Help me please ! I need to give my garden a boost !!


A Touch of Dutch said...

This is great! If I had something old, fun & unique to spare, I'd certainly give it to you for your garden! Looks like you need to make a trip to a few flea markets for some treasure hunting :-)

Presépio no Canal said...

Gosto especialmente do ultimo :-)

Invader_Stu said...

On the subject of windmills we were at Kinderdijk a few weekends ago and we saw a full size windmill with a mini-windmill in the garden. It struck me as kind of funny.