Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Question of Taste (Decide yourself)

Above: Rene Froger. As he gets olds, he could easily be in the blog "Men who look like old lesbians". (Rene, hon, you should fire your makeup artist and your hair stylist.) He is the only hetero of the trio, b.t.w..

Singer and presentator Gordon. Photo: Now and then he has some cat fights with Gerad Joling. Well, how much credibility has a guy who at age 19 tried to commit suicide taking a bunch of vitamins ?

Gerard Joling. Photo: I think from the three he is the most sincere and genuine. But... He is always too busy promoting hair transplant and complaining about Gordon. How cool is that ?

It is incredible how De Toppers are immensely popular in the Netherlands. Men and women, young and old, hetero and gay, foreginers and cloggies, millions of people love them. Now and then during my fitness I have to stare at two large televisons while Gordon, Rene and Gerard Joling are performing (I cannot run away, damned !). The song "Rood" is unbearable, aargh !! (The problem when you understand another language is that it is not background sound anymore. So you understand things you preferred you had not. But well... what is heard cannot be unheard and what has been seen cannot be unseen. Aaargh !! ) Incredible how even some nice lyrics of Marco Borsato can become something cheap in their mouths.
De Toppers in Concert here. That's exactly the video I compulsorily have to watch twice a week while doing cardio on the step machine. I close my eyes for a while but I cannot block my ears with my hands. (Actually some people in the fitness center are already commenting on my back that I am this kind os weird girl that sometimes exercise with the eyes closed).

Pay attention to their clothes, their acting, the dancers and judge yourself. But, hey ! Maybe you like it ... who knows ?

See you next week !

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haha i am happy then, i still have that putting into back ground possibility :)