Saturday, May 8, 2010

Colourful Spring

Up and beow: nearby the Vondelpark, Amsterdam.

Next pics: Amsterdam, Old South district.

I see pink above me, I see pink on the ground. You just have to stand under such tree branches for a while and your hair gets a fairy aspect.

Luckily you have all these flowers and greens around you - cause this week it was cold and rainy. Mybe it was a good thing because then I have milder hayfever symptoms. Actually, I am not suffering as much as the last two years when I had itches, was feeling very weak, and couldn't stop sneezing and crying. Or maybe I'm felling better because I am taking spirulina tablets everyday ? Spirulina works wonders !! I would like to go one step higher and take Korean chlorella if I could find it easily. For the moment I will stick to spirulina cause it also gives me the strength to keep going to the fitness (and proceed with weight lifting).
My son has had a week off from school, the so called "May vacation" (meivakantie). He has enjoyed it a lot: skateboarding, watching DVD's and catching up some sleep. I have noticed that the village where I live was somehow a bit "empty": fewer kids in the parks, fewer grown ups in the supermakets, streets... Economical crisis or not everybody seems to have been into a oneweek vacation. The Dutch are always travelling in turns to somewhere abroad. Actually they have to, cause they do not fit all at the same time in the country, hehehe !

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