Monday, April 12, 2010

My Dutch Backyard

This friend of mine pictured above is called M. Le Vent: a decorative clay mask purchased in a garden shop in Sarlat, France. It is hung above a lavender pot. I looooove it !

Decorative clay mask, bought in downtown Perigueux, Southwest France. It is hung on the façade of our little chalet in the back yard. I regret VERY MUCH that I haven't bought more similar masks like the one above, humpf ! Hubby generally thinks I will make a crazy carnival of our house/garden/backyard and is not always pleased (or maybe feeling anxious?) about my style plans. The chalet is falling apart and covered in patina - but I think patina might have its charms, at least when under a certain control...
I think my back yard has a sort of Mediterranean style. So no gnomes statues or figurines, no mushies, no windmills, no frogs no insects/butterflies/dragonflies nor birdhouses. No bold sentences written on the wall ("nooit gedacht"; "my house my castle") either. No welcome boards on the door or plaqueswith the names of the inhabitants "Sus & Luk & Puk & Fuk van de Hogebergen". Or: "Melle & Yelle & Belle Wittenagels". Or "Siske & Wytske, Tim & Tom Onrust". No toilet pots / bathtubes / bikes / sinks / stoves / whatever... recycled into flower pots. Mmmm, I definitely have a very boring backyard for the Dutch standards !! Hubby: relax. I am the one who is not making a carnival around here.

But clay doesn't always resist to Dutch winters...

One of our Italian vases didn't resist to the snow during last winter. I will keep its remains anyway. Maybe in the future we can re-use it for another purpose.

The second Italian vase I positioned in front of another stone vase. The damage is not big, so nobody will be able to see it, I hope.

And where the two squared vases used to be I decided to place this rack I have seen in a Dutch garden magazine and purchased via post. It displays thym (top), sage, flowers, citrus thym and oregano. I wanted to have some mint as well, but so far I couldn't find it in garden shops. Thym is the best thing to stuff chicken before it is going into the oven and sage to prepare pork/ham meals. A little on-line research revealed that sage has many medicinal qualities, including: reduces bad breath, reduces perspiration, reduces the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual cramps, increases brain concentration, and reduces blood sugar in people with diabetes. And burning sage leaves can cleanse a home of negative energy.

I think I miss the warmth of hot landscapes and a Mediterrenean style is the nearest I could find to create a (sort of) "Brazilian" sphere ... Well, Brazilians do not use flowers/herbs in backyards but rather bouganvilleas, palms, lots and lots of foliage... I think you understand what I want to say with "creating a sort of Brazilian sphere". No gray/white/blue or black pots in my backyard !!!

The tones I have used outside are the same from the living: sunny shades of burnt orange, bordeaux and yellow.

Our rose-bush produces marvellous dark "American Beauty" flowers. Sometimes we do have yellow roses as well !


Iooryz said...

Most supermarkets do sell some spices as plants, like basil, mint and parsley. I'm not really sure about the long term quality, but it's not so expensive and worth a try. So check your local AH, C1000, Plus or Jumbo

Ladybird... and butterfly said...

Too bad our winters aren't so good for your pots. Because they do look lovely! I like your style... I wish we had a garden. Ah well, maybe when we move :D !!!

Anita said...

Hi Looryz ! Yes, I do have fine herbs (parsley, chives) outside and basil inside home.I haven't photographed everything because there are many shadows lately. But mint has been very difficult to find out these days !
Ladybird: No problem about freezy cold winters! They destroy my clay pots which I re-use as "ruins" for an extra charm in a Mediterranean garden :P

Blog do Cachorro Cansado said...

oi...bacana esses quintais todos. Sobre a musica, engracado, mas tenho uma "leitura" diferente sobre a letra. Enfim..a graca deve ser mesmo isso. Bjos

Anita said...

Oh, Mr. Tosco. Confessa logo que esta apaixonado por alguem, vai criatura!! Para com esse papo de "leituras" cifradas e posts misteriosos, humpf !

Blog do Cachorro Cansado said... nao to apaixonado náo. Só estou feliz por ter voltado para casa, revendo os amigos e pelas perspectivas de, ai sim, conhecer alguem legal e desencalhar (rsss). Ao contraria de vc e da laura, eu acho essa musica bem bem, a musica é uma baita dor de cotovelo e fala se nao é legal o sujeito se declarar daquele jeito negando tudo? Alem do mais, adoro essa banda (FLC...) e na interpretacaozinha cool deles, ficou mais legal ainda.

Anita said...

Hey buddy !
SP ?
Ta perto de Tatui ?

Regina Bui said...