Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Johan Cruijff's wisdom # 3 (Cruijffiaans)

"If you are not somewhere, then you are too early or too late".
(I said previously that the guy is a philosopher - among many other things...)

"Als je ergens niet bent, ben je óf te vroeg óf te laat."

"Se você não está em lugar algum, é porque ou esta muito adiantado ou muito atrasado".


Aledys Ver said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah-meeeeeeeén!!!!! :o)
I always wondered if JC could've been able to coach a South American (and I mean, Argentinean, Brazilian or Uruguayan) team? I think he'd go nuts after two weeks. :o)

Anita said...

None of his "clogic" theories would make then sense and the south american guys would blow up JC's mind within one week. Overspannen & terug naar kikkerland.