Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chu chu hua !! (Tsjoetsjoewa !!)

While ago my son arrived home singing and dancing very oddly: with stretched arms and thumbs up, tong outside his mouth, shaking the hips and with his feet turned to inside. Saying "chihuahua" or something like that. When I asked him why he was doing that he replied: "I learned from a friend, he has put some music on... chihuahua is so funny !". I found it completely nonsense and told him to stop that. Everytime he re-started doing it I forbade him to go ahead.

Today my 3 year old girl had a ballet lessons (or "peuter dans") and the teacher taught the kids how to perform a "chu-chu hua" song. The mothers had to perform it as well. I almost exploded laughing about it when I looked around and saw kids, teacher and mums with the tong outside doing it.

I have asked other parents about chu chu hua and everyone knew about it - and would promptly start performing it with the tong hanging outside the mouth. Apparently, it is a huge hit in the NL - and I was the last one to hear about it.
Humpf !

Video here. Or in Spanish here.

Op je plaats
Streek je armen
Vuisten maken
Duimen omhoog
Schouders op
Hoofd omhoog
Je billen naar achter
Voeten naar binnen
Tong naar buiten
Tsjoetsjoewa wa wa ...
(Do not try at home when in company of witnesses)


Ladybird... and butterfly said...

I don't know it yet! So you're not the only one. But oh dear... Looks like it's a K3-Kabouter Plop thing??

Anita said...

Shame on you !! No excuses to start learning it asap !!

Lu_Russa said...


To rindo aqui sozinha, mesmo sem ver a certeza foi muito engra├žado pra vc !! rss

Anita said...