Monday, February 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning [De Grote Schoonmaak]

Aaaaah ! I love beginnings. Although there is snow outside and no spring perfume in the air, I am already prepared to revive the ancient tradition of .... Spring Cleaning !!! I have been searching about this subject on the net and boy ! - so many techniques and Feng Shui this and that, the newest gadgets and environmental bio eco blahblahblah friendly products. Sounds like sci-fi or rocket science.

In order to bring new energies into my life I am not only cleaning and organizing and fixing but also eliminating. Eliminating contacts from my e-mail lists, re-scheduling priorities, changing some habits. Yep, I am more concerned with clutter in my head than in my wardrobe. Mental clutter; maybe that is the most difficult junk to get rid off. Ho'Oponopono people, facts, habits, feelings.

Now, I have discovered something interesting: tomorrow, 2nd February is Imbolc.
Imbolc is an ancient festival, Celtic in origin, and considered one of the greater sabbats. The primary purpose of Imbolc is to celebrate Spring's impending replacement of Winter. This is traditionally a time of purification — and that's why I am lately cleaning not only my house, but also my mind and my body (they are all interconnected). Any Christmas greenery lingering ? Burn it now. Old dead plants - out ! Old books, with old concepts that do not speak to your heart any longer - out ! In order to declutter your life you should only keep things that send you good vibes and are uplifting. Period.
Besides decluttering I also meditate upon what I would like to see grow in health and strength this year. I recommend you reader to do it for yourself, your family, your community, the Earth, and ask for blessing upon your prayers.


Tami said...

It it so satisfying to get rid off old stuff! Mental and wardrobe cleaning, I should follow your example, I'm full of useless things!

Anita said...

Yes, donate your clothes, shoes and accessories so that you can have a fresh start in the NL. And pls learn how to sew in order to fix the eventual imperfections of your life !
(P.S.: my comment here was initially going to be a comment on your last post but I couldn't do it because there was no way I could scroll down and copy the security code. Pls check that.)

Tami said...

Ok, thank you!!! I'll check it right now, hope it's just a loading page problem!

~Lopa said...

Ohh ya i know that feeling, when we know something we need to clean up and until we do it that just kept hammering in the head, making everything around looking like a mess and when we are done with it....aaah god so relieved...hehehe

This is nice Anita, I tried cleaning weekend before last, and couldn't finish ! :( Was so tired, i thought will finish remaining room next weekend but then i again want to re-do those too as they are not same any more :( :( :(

Beach Vintage said...

I think eliminating is a really hard thing to do. I try and stick to the rule that if I havent used something for 12 months I wont use it again.

Gabriela Gonçalves said...

Eu tb amo começ Logo hj q eu tava com preguiça d ler em inglês tive q ler, pq ñ tinha em português.. hahaha
don´t worry, li do mesmo jeito...
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